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Storage Beds (Optional)

Storage beds manufactured exactly how you want them. Hugo & Sons offer the best quality handmade storage beds in the UK. Browse through our extensive collection of quality beds with under bed storage delivered across the UK. All of our beds can be made with gas-lift storage for an additional cost or if you prefer, you can select the standard solid wooden slat option. The ottoman gas lift gives you access to a depth of storage beneath your mattress. With a large range of fabric choices, you will surely find a storage bed to suit you!


What are storage beds?

Storage beds are exactly that - bed frames with storage underneath! We manufacture our storage beds with larger siderails than the standard option to ensure that little bit more space when it comes to storing. Living with a partner or having children can soon lead to needing more space around the house. Our easy to use storage beds allow you to lift the mattress with ease, as the beds are fitted with high-performing gas struts to ensure an easy lift every time. The storage beds are very easy to assemble and to help we provide detailed instructions with every purchase. We are also available via email to help if you require it.

How do I use my storage bed?

All our storage beds open from the foot end. This means the storage facility is accessed by lifting the strap (provided) upwards located at the end of the slat frame. The mattress needs to be on top of the slat frame when lifting the bed as the pistons we use are weight-activated. With the help of the gas struts, once the mattress is lifted it will stay in position until you no longer need to use the storage space. You can simply push the mattress back down and it will remain closed until you need to gain access again.

What size storage beds do you sell?

Single bed with storage

For rooms that are the smaller, the single bed with storage is the perfect bed of choice to maximise the space in the bedroom. This is the ideal bed size for children and students alike who are struggling to store away the excess items. The single bed with storage would be practical for storing away toys, revisions notes or items you wouldn’t want on display!

Small double bed with storage

If you are sleeping alone and need a little more space then the 4ft small double bed with storage is the perfect bed for you. The small double bed is also used by partners who don’t need all that extra space. You are never wasting space with a storage bed! All the space beneath the bed is free and open for storing away whatever you wish!

Double bed with storage

The double bed with storage is one of our best-selling storage bed sizes. The double bed is large enough to share and with all the space underneath you never have to worry about storage space ever again. The double bed is commonly used in bedrooms that are bigger and able to accommodate a double bed.

King size bed with storage

Our king size bed with storage is our recommended bed of size for couples who want a comfortable sleeping experience. The bed is large enough to sleep on together and the storage beneath can also be shared! There is plenty of space beneath the king size bed and we use stronger gas struts to ensure the same easy lift. The king size bed is commonly used in larger bedrooms and the perfect bed of choice for a master bedroom. 

Super king size bed with storage

The superking size bed with storage is the largest bed size we offer and the largest size mattress you can purchase in the UK. The super king bed is essentially 2 single beds put together so ample space for sharing a bed. Sleep like a real king or queen when sleeping on a bed of this size! With the larger bed, you most definitely have larger storage space beneath. You can store away towels, bed linen, unwanted electronics, blankets, cushions, pillows and so much more beneath your super king bed.

What if I don’t purchase a bed with the optional storage?

If the storage (optional gas-lift option) isn’t selected for the product, we will provide solid-wooden slats that lay across the top of the siderails. We also provide a 2x2 wooden beam for support that goes across the full length of the headboard and footboard. Unlike the non-solid slat type, our slats provide full support for a good nights sleep!