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Crushed Velvet Beds

Crushed velvet beds handmade to order in the UK and delivered in 2-4 weeks from order to most areas. Hugo & Sons are proud to present the largest collection of crushed velvet beds available in all the popular colours and sizes including crushed velvet double bed, crushed velvet king size bed and also available as an ottoman bed. If you want your room to looking stunning and glamorous then this is the perfect fabric choice for you!

Please browse through each individual product to see which crushed velvet colour choices are available for the bed.


What are crushed velvet beds?

Crushed Velvet beds are one of the most popular colour choices for beds in 2021. The Crushed velvet material has a distinctive shine and looks amazing with most bedroom decor. The crushed velvet material really adds glamour to your bedroom and can easily be styles with mirrored furniture for the ultimate finish! If you want your bedroom filled with glamour and luxury, then this is the perfect colour choice for you. 

The beautiful fabric allows light to naturally reflect off the material providing a spectrum of colours to reflect, this really adds to why the crushed velvet bed would be the perfect centrepiece.

What are the most popular crushed velvet colours?

Crushed silver, cream and black beds are definitely the most popular colour choices for beds. Each colour really adds to the beauty of the bedroom in its own unique way. The crushed silver bed looks amazing in rooms that are decorated in grey and more subtle colours, whilst the black can be used in a room to provide a much more sophisticated look. At Hugo & Sons we have a large range of crushed velvet materials to suit your individual style and to ensure there's a colour the suits you!

What sizes can I purchase your crushed velvet beds in?

As everything is made to order at Hugo & Sons we are able to offer all our crushed velvet beds in the following sizes:

Single Size
Small Double Size
Double Size
King Size
Super King Size

Crushed velvet beds handmade to order

All our beds are handmade to order, so whether you are looking for a crushed velvet sleigh bed or a crushed velvet ottoman bed we surely have a bed that meets your requirements. If you have any additional bespoke requirements then please contact the team via email at so we can discuss.

Crushed velvet beds are easy to maintain!

Due to the nature of the fabric, the material is incredibly easy to main and perfect for individuals who want a bed maintenance free! Most of the smaller marks would be hidden by the shimmering material and others can be taken out using a suitable upholstery cleaner and a soft cloth.

We would always recommended contacting us for guidance on maintaining your crushed velvet bed to ensure it stays perfect for years to come!