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Wingback Beds

Wingback beds are one of the trendiest bed designs this year. At Hugo & Sons we offer a large collection of wingback beds offering everything from traditional to luxury and contemporary bed designs. As everything is made to order at Hugo & Sons you can select from any of the colours from our luxury fabric collection for that perfect winged bed!


What are wingback beds?

Wingback beds are derived from the traditional wingback chairs first made in England in the 1600s. Originally they were used to shield a person from cold air as they didn’t have the luxury of a central heating system! Hugo & Son’s have maintained the original designs from the 1600s and incorporated these into our luxury winged beds. Of course, we have made a few tweaks to the design and modernised the beds for the current market.

Winged beds have become increasingly popular due to their traditional heritage, fitting perfectly in traditional and modern spaces alike. We have an extensive range of wingback beds to select from in all our popular fabric choices.

What sizes are winged beds available in?

As everything is made to order at Hugo & Sons, all our winged bed frames are available in all the popular standard UK sizes:

Single Wing back Bed

Small Double Wing back Bed

Double Wing back Bed

King Size Wing back Bed

Super King Size Wing back Bed

Can you customise the winged bed?

At Hugo & Sons everything is made to order and in-house! If you have any bespoke requirements or you would like to change the heights of the headboard or footboard, then please contact us via email at