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The blog will give you the latest news for Hugo and Sons and let you know of any promotions that are running. We will also give you buying guides to make sure you get the perfect choice of bed.

How Your Bed Choice Can Help You Sleep Better And Feel More Rested Each Night

One of the main reasons that it is a good idea to spend a long time on your bed choice is because if you get this right will find that you undoubtedly sleep better. This sounds very obvious, although there is far more that goes into the choice than just picking the right bed. In […]

Storage Bed Frame Guide – The Different Types And Help With Choosing…

If you have heard the term “storage beds” and you are not sure what the style of this bed will be or whether it will be the best fit for you then this post will help as we explain exactly what this type of bed is. We will walk you through what a storage bed […]

Shopping For A Cheap Ottoman Bed – Simple Checklist To Make Sure You Get Quality!

If you are searching for the best deals on a cheap ottoman bed, then we will help you with this post and give you a simple checklist to make sure that when you buy your ottoman bed you are getting quality. If you are looking for an Ottoman bed you are probably looking for something […]

Ottoman Bed Or Drawers? – Pros and Cons Of BOTH Styles And Some Help Deciding…

When you are deciding on exactly what you need in terms of style for your next bed it can be a fun experience. Deciding on your next bed means that you can have something that will bring elegance and style and the sort of theme that you want in your bedroom. It means that you […]

Velvet Ottoman Beds – Helping You Pick The PERFECT Bed

In this post we’re going to look at something very specific and that is “velvet Ottoman beds”, if you are considering the style then read on as we will outlay exactly what you can expect from this very popular style. We will also explain exactly what you get with a velvet bed and the different […]

Ottoman Bed Styles – Here Are The MOST Common Styles For This Bed Frame

If you are considering buying an Ottoman bed, then one thing that will help is to know the styles that you are able to buy. In this post we will be looking at what an Ottoman bed is and the main benefit that you get briefly, then we will move on to the different Ottoman […]

Sleigh Bed Styles – Let Us Help You Find The Right One For You!

If you are considering buying a sleigh bed, then this article will help you to discern between the styles of this timeless bed design. The first thing that we will help with is explaining what a sleigh bed is, this will help you to make sure that this is the style of bed that you […]

Ottoman Bed Vs Divan Bed – Which Is Best For Your Bedroom?

If you have been looking for a luxurious bed and you also want added storage, then no doubt you will have heard of Ottoman beds as an option? The problem is you have probably heard of a Divan bed as an option as well. So, which one is the best option for you? To reach […]

Choosing an Upholstered Sleigh Bed – How to Get the Best for Comfort and Style!

As you consider how to go about choosing an upholstered sleigh bed, you need to ask yourself what it is that makes a great bed. If you can find a bed that comes with comfort and style, you will have the best of both world’s and a guaranteed great night’s sleep. Understanding bed Upholstering In […]

Sleigh Bed in Crushed Velvet – A Perfect Choice for Luxury in Any Bedroom!

What are sleigh beds and what is special about them? Sleigh beds are a popular bed type whose design was inspired by the sleighs of the 1800s that carried prominent individuals. These sleighs were sort of carriages that were ordinarily drawn by horses. So are sleigh beds meant for just important people? Well, not exclusively […]