Choosing an Upholstered Sleigh Bed – How to Get the Best for Comfort and Style!

sleigh upholstered footboard

As you consider how to go about choosing an upholstered sleigh bed, you need to ask yourself what it is that makes a great bed. If you can find a bed that comes with comfort and style, you will have the best of both world’s and a guaranteed great night’s sleep.

Understanding bed Upholstering

In order to have a good understanding on how best to identify an upholstered sleigh bed that is best for comfort and style, you need to understand what bed upholstering is about. In simple terms, you upholster a bed when you richly wrap its bed frame with cosy fabric. When it comes to upholstering of sleigh beds, the wrapping is so good that it qualifies to be described as padding.

That is how you find yourself with an upholstered sleigh bed whose headboard, though firm, feels somewhat spongy and nice to lie on. Your feet enjoy similar comfort if they get to touch the footboard.

So when it comes to sleigh beds that have been upholstered, comfort is guaranteed. What you need to be keen about is your choice of fabric, including its colour, because your choice will affect the overall look of your bedroom and say a lot about your style.

When trying to understand how to get the best for comfort and style by choosing an upholstered sleigh bed, consider what a particular bed has over and above the basic features. Remember style, as far as sleigh beds are concerned, does not begin and end with choice of fabric. Manufacturers have learnt to push their creativity to different levels in this furniture business.

In this regard, look out for upholstered sleigh beds whose headboards have luxurious looking buttons, if you wish to be bold about your style. The upholstery of such headboards usually has extra padding as well, which adds to your comfort whether you are asleep or simply seated on the bed.

Look out too for sleigh beds with special embroidery over and above the original weaving of the fabric. Whichever upholstery design you select, it will serve to embellish your style and make a statement pertaining to your taste. The bottom line, though, is that style must go hand in hand with comfort for your purchase to make sense.

The Appeal of Upholstered Sleigh Beds

First of all, it is a fact that the demand for sleigh beds has of late been increasing at an exemplary high rate in the UK and elsewhere in the world. And when it comes to the upholstered sleigh beds, they have become the most sought after; meaning there is something positively unique about this design.

The sleigh bed, a type whose manufacturing was inspired by the horse-drawn sleighs of the rich over a century ago, has continued to resonate with customers. It has actually proven to be a classic, and everyone wants to have one. One advantage with sleigh beds is that they come in varying designs, fabric and colours. This means you can be certain to find a unit that suits you whether you prefer a modern or traditional design.

As sleigh bed stands out from other bed types because it has a distinct headboard and footboard. The two normally curve smoothly outwards creating an appealing style, even as they add some room to the bed space where a person lies.

Ordinarily sleigh beds are made of strong wood, and their durability endears them to buyers. With regard to comfort, the fact that the sleigh bed is strong enough to endure pressure from a heavy mattress, a person sleeping on it, and the weight of stored items if the bed is a sleigh with Ottoman storage, is reassuring enough to allow you a good night’s sleep.

Sleigh Bed Design & Fabric

When trying to identify the best upholstered sleigh bed to buy, it matters what you want to use the bed for. Is it for domestic or commercial use, for instance? You may be willing to spend a little more for your home beds than for beds you are going to take to a commercial building as an investor. It would be understandable, in fact, if you chose to buy upholstered sleigh beds for your home but well designed sleigh beds without upholstery for your commercial unit.

After all, for the commercial building, you would be more interested in how functional the beds are rather than the style. On the other hand, if you bring home an upholstered bed, you should anticipate members of your family to critic your style –either they compliment you or ask if it was the last piece of sleigh bed remaining in the store!

Although any sleigh bed with upholstery gives a great impression of you as the buyer, it adds to your comfort when the fabric used is of great quality. Take, for example, the velvet fabric that comes in a whole range of patterns and designs. It gives your sleigh bed’s upholstery a luxurious feel that matches your style – that is if you like the look of sophistication.

If you prefer the traditional appearance, manufacturers of sleigh beds have catered for you too. They are always producing upholstered sleigh beds with the ever-appealing chenille fabric.

You will, without a doubt, be glad to know that almost all the fabrics used for sleigh bed upholstering – whether with the exotic look or the traditional– do not come in a single design. You will find the crushed, plush, stretch and panne velvet variations; as well as the plain and pile-on-pile velvet fabrics. There is also another variant of velvet known as ciselé, and others like the embossed velvet, silk velvet and many more.

As for chenille, another one of the popular fabrics you are certain to see as you shop for an upholstered sleigh bed, it is a product of varying fibres woven together; often combinations of cotton, rayon and silk, or even wool. Since many household pieces of furniture have chenille somewhere either as fabric or yarn, your sleigh bed with chenille is going to fit very well as part of your bedroom decor.

Sometimes you determined to get the best for comfort and style, and so you go all out searching for an upholstered sleigh bed. For you to succeed in finding the best in this regard, you need to think about the design of sleigh bed with Ottoman storage.

A sleigh bed with the popular base storage is not only very stylish and comfortable, but it also enables you to organize your bedroom the way you wish.

In short, just by choosing the most suitable sleigh bed design, you can push the elegance of your bedroom to another level, which will correspond to your personal taste and style. For starters, the versatility of the sleigh bed with Ottoman storage helps you manage your bedroom with incredible ease.

Upholstered Sleigh bed with Storage

Sleigh beds of this type come in different designs. For example, the base of the bed is sometimes in the form of slats that run across the frame. These slats are not only strong but smooth, and hence they make a great and safe support for the mattress. It makes you feel secure to know the base of your sleigh bed is not at risk of giving way once you put a high quality, heavy-duty mattress on it.

The same case applies when the Ottoman storage of your preferred sleigh bed has a board for a base as opposed to slats. As long as this boarded base is made of sturdy wood and is skilfully fixed, you will have a good night’s sleep reassured that no part of the bed is going to give under the weight of the mattress, your body weight and that of stored items.

The opportunity to store items at the base storage is another great feature of this type of sleigh bed. This is precisely what it means to have the best of two worlds – the regal style of the sleigh bed and the storage convenience of an Ottoman bed! You not only have a bed that stands out, courtesy of its artistically done headboard and footboard, but one whose storage compartment helps to increase free space to the bedroom.

Any doubt a well organised bedroom can be a source of physical and mental comfort? Try a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage!

Something else you cannot afford to ignore is the upholstery of your sleigh bed. It does not matter if you like to be adventurous with regard to your bedroom’s aesthetics or you prefer to remain traditional. When it comes to sleigh beds, everything is high quality; and quality comes with comfort and style.

In fact, for any of those upholstered sleigh beds you see, you do not need to touch them to know they are soft and comfortable. One glance at them says it all.

Imagine choosing an upholstered sleigh bed whose major fabric is silver velvet! Or one whose upholstery is all silver crushed velvet! These fabrics reek of elegance, sophistication and class. And remember velvet is not just about the express beauty – it is also about indisputable comfort. So when you have chosen your sleigh bed upholstery well, you will be getting the best bed for comfort and style.

Suitability of Bed Size

No matter how appealing a bed is, if you are too big for it, you will know no joy or comfort. It might sound obvious to say it, but you can never be too careful when the reason for your spending goes beyond comfort and style. When you spend your precious money on a bed, whether a simple sleigh bed or one with the Ottoman storage, your often unspoken reason is for good health.

Sleeping on a well supported mattress in a bed that gives you room to wiggle enables you to enjoy sound sleep that is great for your health. That underlines the need to buy the right size of bed whatever type of bed that may be. The question is: Do you know the sleigh bed sizes available?

In the UK, there are a standard range of bed sizes; and that is what the makers of sleigh beds conform to. The tiniest is the single sleigh bed whose width is 3 ft, and it is followed in size by the small double. This one is 4 ft in width. The next size is the double whose width is 4ft 6in. You then get to the king and super-king sizes, whose width is 5ft and 6ft respectively. The length of every one of these beds is 6 ft.

These beds are normally made of strong long-lasting wood, and it is for this reason it is recommended you also go for finishing that is appealing to the eye. Look carefully at the bed you want to buy – because you are going to have it for a long, long time. When you consider this reality, it becomes clear that choosing an upholstered sleigh bed is the best decision you can make.

Popular Colours for Sleigh Beds

There are some colours you surround yourself with and they become a helpful sleep aid at night. Think of the calming and relaxing blue for example.

There are others you keep looking at and they allow you to be thoughtful and tranquil. It is up to you to identify the colours that suit you. All the same, you need to be well informed regarding the sleigh bed colours available, because it is from that pool you get to identify your preferred colour.

The fabric colours you are guaranteed to find in stores in your venture to choose an upholstered sleigh bed are grey, silver, charcoal black and other unique ones. Look around to compare sleigh beds that come in silver velvet, steel velvet, burgundy velvet, ivory velvet, pink velvet, black velvet, grey velvet, mustard velvet and navy velvet, in addition to the ones already mentioned.

Whatever your style is, one thing is indisputable: that choosing an upholstered sleigh bed for your bedroom is a great idea! The rest are details.


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