How to Make Sure You Get the RIGHT Colour for Your Ottoman Bed

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Ottoman beds, with their interesting history, have continued to be popular in the UK and other parts of the world. Its features that made this type of bed famous years ago when it was first designed in Turkey, like its discreet storage space and appealing colours, have remained major attractions.

Since artisans have gained additional skills over the years, Ottoman beds now come in a wider range of designs and colours. They also come in varying types of fabric in different colours and colour patterns.

While having such a rich pool of colours to select from is a good thing, identifying a suitable colour for your bed can be a daunting task. That is why this guide is so important for anyone wishing to identify a fitting colour or colour pattern for an Ottoman bed of any design.

Things to Consider when Choosing Ottoman Bed Colours

There are some basic factors you need to take into account when selecting the best colours for your Ottoman bed. This is because different colours or colour schemes not only have different visual effects, but they also have different kinds of impact on the mood of the room.

There are those colours, for example, you may not wish to have for your bedroom because they might depress you. On the contrary, there are those colours you might wish to avoid because they are too sharp for someone trying to calm down and relax. If you do not choose properly the colours for your Ottoman bed, you risk spending long hours of the night tossing and turning, instead of enjoying a good night’s sleep. The effect of such poor quality sleep is a long day of exhaustion and poor concentration.

After you have identified the Ottoman bed design that appeals to you, it is important to remind yourself the person whom the bed is meant for. If you are here to buy a bed for a child, soft colours would be appropriate.

While you can choose Ottoman bed colour schemes that are classic like blue for a boy’s room, and pink if you intend to furnish a girl’s room. The yellow colour is advantageous because not only is it appropriately soft for young children, but it is neutral enough to appeal to both boys and girls.

If you are trying to identify best Ottoman bed colours for older children or children with strong or bold personalities, the blue or pink you select could be matched with a stronger colour such as red. Among the crucial factors to consider when choosing Ottoman bed colours best for a particular child is the personality of that child, and the potential the colours have to enhance sleep. In short, you do not want colours that can be too distracting for the child to sleep.

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Do you want a Regal or Classic Ottoman Bed?

If you want an Ottoman bed of regal style, it means you want a bed with magnificence and elegance that is befit a king or even a queen. The design and colours must reveal your high social status, or the high regard you hold the person meant to use that kind of bed. Whatever is regal is dignified, and that goes for Ottoman beds as well.

For an Ottoman bed to reflect royalty, it must not only have an outstanding design; it must also have the right colours or colour combination. So if you want your bed of choice to be regal, you need to select a rich colour such as grey. This should be the colour of the Ottoman bed frame and the headboard as well.

Many of the headboards of regal Ottoman beds are elegantly cushioned and tufted. At the same time, the fabric that covers them has excellent stitching.

As for the base of an Ottoman bed, it needs to be slatted and also sprung for it to qualify as kingly. This means its base can support a heavy duty mattress as well as the weight of the people lying on the bed; and at the same time provide optimum comfort.

One advantage of choosing an Ottoman bed is that whether you want one whose storage compartment opens from the side, the middle or the rear, it is always possible to find one with prestige and class.

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Range of Regal & Classic Bed Colours Available

There is a good range of colours to choose from if you are interested in a regal Ottoman bed. These include blue in its original form or even royal blue; royal pink and royal red; as well as royal green and royal purple.

Other great colours for regal beds include not only simple grey, but also dark grey and charcoal. Colour shades such as oatmeal and ash are also suitable. To complete the image of the regal Ottoman bed, the fabric used should be soft to the touch for the sake of enhancing comfort.

It should be noted that the elegance of regal beds does not end with their colour schemes. They have corresponding regal designs, like those crown-shaped headboards made of exclusive hardwood.

If you want a classic Ottoman bed, you will, certainly, find one from the wide choice available. These also come in different colours, and so you will be able to make a choice that matches your taste. Classic Ottoman beds are not only compact but also practical. This means they have everything you need for your convenience without appearing complex. For example, they have discreet storage space that is easy to open and close, and colours that are mostly neutral.

The designs and colours of classic Ottoman beds make them fitting for any of the rooms you choose, irrespective of who is going to use it. Such versatility is applicable to all the Ottoman bed sizes – the single, the double, the king and the super king.

Some of the best colours of a classic Ottoman bed’s base include beige, silver, and steel blue; or even mocha. Any one of these colours can be matched with a pattern of neutral colours on the upper part of the bed, to bring out the look of a classic Ottoman bed.

Generally, the colours of classic Ottoman beds can appeal to anyone, and they have storage space large enough to hold extra pillows and sheets or duvets; or any of those other items otherwise packed in wardrobes or closets. They are the kind of Ottoman beds you can safely pick in a hurry and still be happy with its utility and the look of your room.

It is important to remember that where Ottoman beds are concerned, the quality of basic features like the legs remains constant – always sturdy and durable.

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Best Ottoman Bed Colours for Children

Orange is a good colour to incorporate in your Ottoman bed colour scheme. Like yellow, it is appealing to boys just it is to girls. Also, children like visuals that are lively and interesting, and the colour orange, like the radiance of the sun, is a reflection of fun and joy. It is, therefore, a good colour to have for your child’s bed irrespective of the colours the walls have.

Choosing an Ottoman bed whose colour scheme is dominated by yellow is also great, because as already noted, it is a colour both genders can appreciate. Another crucial point to note about orange and yellow is that they are calming colours; and calmness is what every parent wants for their children at bedtime.

Best Ottoman Bed Colours for Couples

To be able to select the colours most suitable for a couple’s bedroom, it is important to consider what a couple would value most. Besides sleeping in a room that reflects peace and coolness, a couple would certainly wish to have a colour with a tinge of romance.

As such, for a couple’s bedroom, it would be advisable to select an Ottoman bed whose colour scheme incorporates colours like red, some blue shade, orange, some form of brown or purple, or even some green.

Best Colour Combinations for Your Bedroom

Whatever size of Ottoman bed you choose to buy, it helps to remember the main reason you want to take that bed home – nights of quality sleep for the person using it. Colours and lighting are some of the things that greatly influence the ambience of the room; and this, in turn, influences your mood. Of course mood can determine the quality of sleep you are going to have.

Ordinarily, it is easier and more convenient to vary bed colours than it is wall colours. So it helps to note the colour or colour scheme of your bedroom before proceeding to select the best colour scheme for your Ottoman bed. That way, the overall colour scheme of your room will not only be appealing, but also appropriate for quality sleep.

Blue and White Combination

If your walls have some blue shade, you can select an Ottoman bed whose linen colour scheme combines some beach blue and white. The combination of these colours contrasted against a bed frame and headboard with sandy look reflects serenity and creates a relaxing mood.

White and Emerald Green

You could have a wall of creamy white, but then broken by some emerald green on the wall space right behind the Ottoman bed’s headboard. This shade of green gives some regal touch to the colour scheme.

If you ensure the ceiling is crispy white, you can proceed to use some bold colour scheme for your linen and still have a welcoming and calming environment to retire to. In such a setup, linen with varying shades of grey will do.

Ivory, Brown and Black against Hazelnut

You can have a wall of light soothing colour, like a shade of light blue, and then have curtains of hazelnut. This background is fitting for your bedroom if the colour scheme of your Ottoman bed linen comprises ivory, black and brown. The overall colour scheme is relaxing.

Lavender, Champagne and White

When you have a spacious room with walls of crispy white, an Ottoman colour scheme of lavender and champagne brings out a mood of easy relaxation. However, you need to neutralize the expansive white by putting in the centre of your room some creamy-like chandelier. Such a luxurious room is best for a king-size or super king-size Ottoman bed.

Light Grey and Ivory

An Ottoman bed colour scheme of light grey and ivory brings out an environment of peace and tranquillity ideal for quality sleep. While the linen and entire Ottoman bed can have a combination of soft grey and ivory, the walls of the room can be patterned silver and off-white.

If you want some additional furniture in the room, like a small table or cabinet, add some neutral colours – like grey, ivory or beige. This ensures that while the mood of the room is bright, there is still some lightness to it.

Other Suitable Colour Combinations

Other suitable colour combinations include sea blue and some shade of white for the Ottoman bed linen, against a backdrop of a wall patterned soft yellow and dirty white or cream.

You could also combine brown with grey; soft earthy shades that give the room much needed warmth and a sense of tranquillity.

Classic blue plus white also make for a great Ottoman bed colour scheme. They are calming and relaxing; and they do well when the rest of the furniture shares a similar or close colour scheme.

Sage green can also be combined with some bright blue to give your room the feel of a spa. If this is the colour scheme of your Ottoman bed and the walls of the room are white, the mood created is soothing and peaceful; the kind that easily draws in sleep.

Other colour schemes suitable for bedrooms with Ottoman beds include pale pink and shades of taupe; jaded orange and grey; dark grey and gold; light blue and white; olive green and white; soft lavender and some light purple; and even light grey and cream.

All in all, there is a wide range of Ottoman colour schemes to choose from in the market, and all you need to do is to consider the other colours you have in the room. If you have pieces of furniture with dull colours or curtains that are significantly dull, the Ottoman bed colour scheme you select needs to give the room some form of brightness, lightness or coolness. After all, what you are seeking when shopping for an Ottoman bed is a life of comfort, peace and relaxation.


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