Ottoman Bed Buying Guide – How to Ensure You Get the Best Bed for Your Needs

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It is important to do some research whenever you are making a purchase as important as a bed, in order to get value for money. Since buyers of Ottoman beds are no exception, you need to know the most important factors to consider when assessing how suitable a bed is for you. If you buy a bed that fulfils your needs, then you will have gotten value for your money.

Analyse Your Needs

The only way you will get satisfaction from the bed you buy is if you first identify the needs that bed is going to fulfil. And even as you consider those needs, it is crucial that you take into account the different ways your bedroom can be organized or planned.

This is because a bed being the most prominent piece of furniture in the room, it influences immensely the bedroom’s overall look. The bed has an even greater influence if it happens to be an Ottoman. If you are an entertainer and your brother is a doctor, for example, there is no way you will wish your bedroom to look like his.

The vibe you want when you enter the room must, certainly, be different from what he would like, and that is something either one of you must consider when deciding on which bed to spend money on. You may be prepared to pay a little bit more for a liberally done Ottoman bed design that gives a wild vibe, while your brother might be content with a nice design conservatively done.

This is because an Ottoman bed makes a distinct statement about you; affirming your nature, taste, and style in general. If you are furnishing your guest room, you want to give it a vibe that guests will always take away from your home. That is why investors are unlikely to buy the same Ottoman bed designs for their commercial buildings as they do for their homes. They are likely to pay less for those going to their commercial premises than those going to their homes.

Something else that will make your choice of Ottoman bed a great one is allowing yourself freedom to be adventurous. If you are ready to invest in a luxurious and comfortable bed, why not explore some design that is unique? It may be one of those Ottoman beds whose headboards is shaped in crown form, or even one that depicts the face of an intriguing animal.

If you choose the fabric type and colours of your Ottoman bed well and combine that with the beauty of the bed design, the result will not only embellish the feel of luxury in your bedroom, but also boost its aura.

What to look for to get the perfect bed?

If beauty is a factor for you as it is for most of us, you must pose the question: Are Ottoman beds appealing? And, of course, they are. The base of an Ottoman bed, which accommodates the very advantageous storage space, is normally made of such attractive wood that it gives the bed as a whole an appealing look.

The headboards of Ottoman beds too have nice designs, and that can only enhance the physical appeal of the bed. When your bed has a nice looking headboard and an attractive base, it adds to the general beauty of the room; an appeal that many people will be willing to pay for.

How appealing is the style of your bed’s headboard?

First of all, you cannot overlook your personal taste when choosing the Ottoman bed design to buy. This is because a bed is one of those pieces of furniture you see every day and every night, and one you regularly work with. If you do not like what you see as you go to bed, that in itself is sufficient to ruin your mood; and a foul mood is no good for sleep.

What material is your bed’s headboard made of?

If you live in an area where the weather is friendly all year round, the material the headboard of your Ottoman bed is made of might not be of much significance. But if you live in a cold area and you buy an Ottoman bed whose headboard is made of stone or such other material that does not retain warmth, even if that stone is beautifully curved, you may have a problem with sleep. Remember stone material does not conduct heat very well. A stone headboard could, therefore, make you cold and restless.

On the other hand, there are those materials that make the headboard nicely warm; and getting an Ottoman bed with such a headboard is an assurance you will enjoy quality sleep all along. The best are those that are thermally conductive, because they emit warmth that ensures the bed remains warm and you are cosy all through the night.

There are also those people who like the earthy feel, or prefer to have around them things that connect them with nature. If you are one of those people and you are shopping for an Ottoman bed, you may wish to buy one whose headboard is made of brick.

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What size is your bedroom?

If the bedroom you want to furnish is limited in space, there is need to consider the size of the Ottoman bed headboard. You also need to consider the size of the corridors the bed is going to pass through before reaching the bedroom, if you choose to go with a pre-assembled unit. If the passage is narrow or winding, the Ottoman bed’s headboard should be small enough for that passage. Its shape should also be appropriate.

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Do you need extra storage besides the one at the base?

If you are living in a neighbourhood where cost of living is high but you benefits from being close to your work station or to a college you are attending, chances are the house you are occupying is relatively small. Still, even with inhibiting expenses, you may still wish to enjoy the comfort and convenience of an Ottoman bed.

Under the circumstances, the only bed sizes that would be reasonable to buy are either a single or a single double; and this is because you need some spare room space for a wardrobe and probably a bookshelf. But are small bed sizes the only option?

The fact is that the Ottoman brand comes with several choices whether you are talking of sizes, designs, colour patterns, or whatever other bed quality.  So, even when you are limited in floor space, you can still manage to enjoy the luxury of a king size bed or even a super king Ottoman bed, as you may not need all the additional pieces of furniture normally put in bedrooms.

From the range of Ottoman bed designs on offer, find one that has some storage space within its headboard. Manufacturers of Ottoman beds normally include these designs that enable you to store the items you regularly need close by – within the headboard – while the surface of that headboard still remains attractive and comfortable.

Essentially, therefore, you will be enjoying the comfort of an Ottoman bed, optimizing the use of an otherwise small floor space, and experiencing the convenience of having personal paraphernalia like mobile phones and their chargers, power banks, torches, handkerchiefs, and such other items within reach.

In short, it is imperative that you determine if you need an Ottoman bed with only the basic storage compartment at the base of the bed, or one that also has some inbuilt storage at the headboard. Remember the headboard storage is very convenient for putting your remote controls if your Ottoman bed is one of those with an embedded TV. This is because you will most probably not have sufficient room for a bedside table.

How to Determine an Ottoman Bed’s Best Price

The Ottoman brand is great because, much as it is prestigious, it is not a preserve of the rich. The manufacturers of Ottoman beds have, for example, made a point of consolidating all the important features of the brand in all their bed sizes. And so, whether you buy a small double or a super king size Ottoman bed, you will be able to enjoy the luxury of an inbuilt storage, an attractive headboard, a stable bed base, and a lot more.

In short, the variation in Ottoman beds does not in any way compromise their quality. Designs may vary to appeal to people’s different tastes and the structure of their rooms, just like fabric colours may vary to suit people’s varying preferences. However, price is the element that differentiates the array of Ottoman bed types in the market.

Just like all other products, an item that consumes little material to make is bound to cost less than one that consumes more of the same material. So, material usage can influence the price of a given type or size of Ottoman bed.

That is why you can find a superb small size Ottoman bed for your child for around £200 while the king size Ottoman bed you want for your guest room has probably a £380 price tag.

Something else that can influence the price of Ottoman beds available for sale is the demand. People have come to learn the advantages these beds have over other brands, and the demand can sometimes soar beyond the supply. If you are in an area where availability of the Ottomans is limited, pricing may not be your greatest concern. You will just be glad you can find an Ottoman bed to meet your needs.

Again there is the distance to consider. If an Ottoman bed outlet near you has priced its beds a few pounds above another one in a different city, you may be better off buying close to home than ordering from afar. This is because the price of Ottoman beds in your neighbourhood will, very likely, be inclusive of all other incidental costs, including transport; but you may incur additional delivery costs when you order your furniture from far.

However, this does not minimize the importance of exploring and carrying out due diligence especially if you want to make a big purchase. There are some Ottoman bed vendors whose prices are so appealing that it makes economic sense to buy from them. If, for instance, a big Ottoman bed dealer has sold his/her stock and reached his target margin for the period, that vendor may be in a position to offer unbelievable prices; because all he/she wants is to clear the remaining stock.

If you confirm the Ottoman beds on offer are similar to others offered elsewhere at a much higher price, you can confidently make your order even if it means allowing for shipping time.

Generally, unless you are pressed for time and want your Ottoman bed as a matter of emergency, it is always good to assess if the bed pricing is worthwhile. Here you are looking at the Ottoman bed’s suitability as far as your bedroom size is concerned, its design in terms of where the storage compartment opens from and the kind of headboard you prefer, its fabric colour pattern and all those other pertinent factors; before you bring in the price factor.

It is also important to keep in mind that Ottoman beds are some of the most long-lasting pieces of furniture one could own; and so the bed you buy had better be something you will enjoy seeing for many years to come.

Ordinarily also, a bed is the most significant piece of furniture in the bedroom in terms of the space it occupies, and so you need to take into account all the other tasks that go on in that room before you settle on the best Ottoman bed design and size to buy. Is a reading table a necessity in that room, for example? What about a dressing table? You must consider such basic needs according to your lifestyle, so that the Ottoman bed you end up buying can be a source of not only comfort but also pleasure.

Generally, as long as you set aside a reasonable budget for your bed, you will always find a type of Ottoman bed that will make you comfortable, help you maintain the room tidy, and enhance the ambience your room.

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