Ottoman Bed Or Drawers? – Pros and Cons Of BOTH Styles And Some Help Deciding…

luxeria divan base free headboard 24"
luxeria divan base free headboard 24″

When you are deciding on exactly what you need in terms of style for your next bed it can be a fun experience. Deciding on your next bed means that you can have something that will bring elegance and style and the sort of theme that you want in your bedroom.

It means that you can go to bed each night with a smile on your face every time you see your new bed. Picking the style was very important, however you can run into another problem and that is the practicality around the style that you are picking.

An example of this would be the choice between going for an Ottoman bed or a Divan style bed. This can also be broken down into a simple question:

“Do you go for an Ottoman bed or drawers?”

Explaining the Difference Between Ottoman Bed Styles and Drawers:

If you find the entire thing a little bit confusing, then we will help in a few lines:

Essentially, if you are looking at an Ottoman bed style apart from the design aesthetic you will get a practical storage solution which is normally underneath the mattress. The way you access this storage is normally by lifting up the mattress either from the bottom of the bed or from the side of the bed.

The benefit of this is that you will be able to store far more items, in most cases you will also be able to store larger and taller items and it is the perfect way to get a fantastic design for your bed which is elegant and stylish but also get a bed that serves as a great storage option.

Of course, if you go for drawers as the name suggests these are normally on the side of the bed and can be two or four drawers depending on the size and the design.

This is essentially the difference based on the practicality of these two choices.

If you are interested in the differences that you will find in the design and the sort of style that you will want to go for then check out our article on Ottoman Beds vs Divan Bed for more help…

Which Choice Is Better?

While it is easy to look at first glance and go for the Ottoman style because you will simply get more room, it is a little bit more complicated than that to answer which one is better.

The best way to decide on whether you are going for an Ottoman bed or drawers is to think about the following points:

  1. Style:

The first thing that you will want to think about is the style that you are going for. As if you have a Divan style bed obviously the drawers will add to the aesthetic of the design, and you can get a really good finish for the drawers. If you are really looking to add finishing touches you could get engravings on the drawers.

Likewise, with an Ottoman if you love the style of this bed and you are not too worried about the different storage options then you will want to go style that you want.

This is the first area that we would look at when making your decision as depending on which option that you go for it will change the look and the feel of the bed somewhat.

  1. Practical Considerations:

The next step is to think about practical considerations. For instance, if you are going for an Ottoman style bed you will normally find that they open up from the mattress at the base of the bed, they can also open up from the side.

This works very much on a hinge system however if you have low ceilings then it will limit the amount of room that you have for Ottoman storage.

The best thing to do before you make your decision is to measure up and Ottoman bed that you are interested in and make sure that you get measurements for when it is fully opened. That way you can avoid any mistakes with buying a brilliant bed and then finding that it will not work for you practically.

Other considerations when making your decision between an Ottoman bed or drawers, is who will be using the bed?

For instance, if you are buying the bed for a master bedroom then you will obviously want to spend more time on the style and the design as it will be your main bed. If you’re thinking about going for an Ottoman or drawers for a guestroom then you may want to use it as a guest bed but also for storage, in that case an Ottoman style bed might be better as it will save a lot of clutter in the guestroom.

Main takeaways on the practical side are to make sure that you measure thoroughly, and you have enough room for the bed of your choice.

Make sure that you also think about who will be using the bed and the purpose that you need the bed for in a practical sense, as above if you are looking for more of a storage option you will definitely find an Ottoman is the best choice.

  1. Longevity and Choice:

The final consideration when you are making your choice is longevity. By this we mean, as a rule you will find that an Ottoman lifting storage system will normally outlast a drawer system. The reason for this is because of the way that an Ottoman bed works, as it needs to lift up it will normally be very well made and built to last.

Over time, draws on the other hand can be more prone to getting knocked damaged and becoming loose.

You will also find that in terms of style and how the storage system works, and Ottoman will give you a few different choices. You can go for a lifting system that works from the bottom of the bed and you can also go for a lifting system that works from the side of the bed, there are also numerous other choices that will help you cater for the room that you are going to keep the bed.


As you can see above, it is not really a case of which is better whether you are going for an Ottoman bed or drawers as in a Divan style. The best thing you can do is to work out the style that will work for you.

Although this can be difficult choice if you follow the steps above you will be sure to get something that will fit in with the style that you want but also give you something with the practicality that you need as well.

If in doubt any good bed stockist online or off should offer help with experience to make sure that you make the right choice.

Check out our full range of both Ottoman Beds and Divan beds here at Hugo & Sons.

You can also contact us, and we would be happy to help get you the style and the design that you are looking for.

We are sure that we can find something that will fit in with the exact style needs that you are looking for with the practicality that you need. We are also fairly confident that we will help you work out whether you want to go for an Ottoman bed or drawers. We hope this blog post is helped a little bit to answer that question.

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