Ottoman Bed Styles – Here Are The MOST Common Styles For This Bed Frame

If you are considering buying an Ottoman bed, then one thing that will help is to know the styles that you are able to buy. In this post we will be looking at what an Ottoman bed is and the main benefit that you get briefly, then we will move on to the different Ottoman bed styles that you can buy and some of the most popular.

That way you can select a style of Ottoman bed both in practical nature and in design that will work perfectly for you and your bedroom.

What is an Ottoman bed?

For a full explanation of exactly the sort of style and what an Ottoman bed is you can read our full Ottoman bed buying guide. To cover briefly here, and Ottoman bed in a practical nature is quite simply a bed that will be able to lift up from the base to give you extra storage. You will find that the storage works by everything you are looking to store sitting underneath the mattress.

Of course, the benefit of this is that if you are limited for space and if you are looking to clear up clutter you will not find many bed styles that will give you the storage space that an Ottoman does. The reason for this is that if you look at a Divan it will normally give you drawers, so everything has to be contained within the drawers and the limits that the drawer will give you.

With an Ottoman style bed, you will normally find that you get complete floor space under the bed. This means that you are able to store taller objects, more clothes and pretty much anything that you want.

In regard to the style of the Ottoman and the history you will find as Wikipedia explains: “An Ottoman is a piece of furniture that consists of a padded, upholstered seat or bench having neither back or arms, often used as a stall or footstool or in some cases an improvised coffee table.”

So, when you apply this to the bed it fits many of those characteristics, the word itself was introduced and would refer to a footstool back in 1806, this information is also courtesy of Wikipedia. It has links to Europe with the Orient and is in line with the fashionable Turkish style of the times.

Still to this day will find that this is one of the best beds in terms of multifunction usage as it will give you a great self-contained storage space as well.

Let us have a look at the different styles that are available that will help you to pick how you want your Ottoman storage to work:

Different Ottoman Bed Styles:

  1. Ottoman Bed – Full Opening:

This style of Ottoman bed is one of the most popular. You will find that this particular style will open up from the bottom of the bed and normally gives you a full opening, this means that you are able to access the storage very easily. It will also help you if you are thinking about buying this style, to store larger items.

A consideration before you look at a full opening Ottoman bed style is to make sure that you have the vertical space for the bed to be able to open. If you have a very low ceiling, then you will find that this will not work very well, and it will give you problems if you do not have the clearance for space.

Half Ottoman:

You will find that this is another popular style, and it will give you a great compromise between drawers and Ottoman type storage. In fact, with a half Ottoman you will normally find that they have both the storage options so essentially this is a bed that is a cross between an Ottoman style bed and a divan style bed.

Side opening:

Another option that you have in terms of practicality and style is an Ottoman bed that will open from the side, as the name suggests instead of going down to the base of the bed will simply open from the side. If you buy this type of beds, you are also normally able to pick which side you want your Ottoman storage bed to open from. This can be very handy if you have sloping ceilings and it is low on one side, but you still need storage, this would give you a fantastic way to get around that problem.

Divan Base:

You can even see some Ottoman bed styles will allow you to have a Divan style base that opens from the bottom just like a standard sized Ottoman storage, the difference is that you will normally find a divider or even drawers. This is another great option if you cannot pick between a divan style bed or an Ottoman.

Considerations on Style and Practicality:

To pick the best Ottoman bed style for you you need to think about the practicality of your bedroom. For instance, as we mentioned above if you have lower ceilings then you need to take this into account and make sure that you get a style that will be easy to use and that you will have room for.

Even if you have enough room for a full Ottoman another consideration may be how you want the storage to work, if you like the idea of having an Ottoman style bed which essentially will lift up to reveal the storage unlike drawers, but you also like the convenience and the compactness of a divan style bed then the best route of action would be to consider an Ottoman with a divan style base.

The great thing with whichever Ottoman style that you pick is that you will be able to get something that will fit all of your design needs. Once you have decided on the practicality that we have mentioned above then you need to think about the style and the decor that you want your bed to have and this to can be customized.

How To Pick Your Colour and Style:

Once you have decided on the type of style that you want from your Ottoman bed then you need to pair it with picking your colour and the design style carefully.

The best way to go about this is to spend some time picking your Ottoman bed colour, this is no easy task and you do need to make sure that you get it right based on what you are going for in your bedroom.

We will give you some pointers here and you can also read a full guide on “how to make sure that you get the right colour for your Ottoman bed”, which is another blog post that we have written dedicated on helping you with this task.

Here are some pointers briefly that will help you:

We will give you a head start with picking the right colour by looking at some of the most popular choices. Bear in mind that if you give us a call at Hugo & Sons we will be happy to help and we have an extensive knowledge of the favourite colours for an Ottoman bed. We are pretty sure that we can help you decide on your perfect style, so don’t be shy! Contact us or give us a call and we will be pleased to help.

Beige Colours:

If you are considering beige, then this will give you more of a natural look. This will give you quite a light colour and interestingly you can use this colour to give a traditional or modern feel, this will be dependent on the other furniture in the bedroom. You can also further accentuate the style that you are looking for by getting yourself a headboard that will match the colour scheme that you want.

Grey Colours:

If you want to go for a definite modern colour, then grey Colours will work very well. This is also a fantastic colour if you are worried about mixing colours with other furniture pieces in the bedroom. You can be rest assured that if you go for a grey colour, it is unlikely to clash with other colours.

Bold Colours:

If you are looking for something more striking and to go for bold colours then you need to think about the existing furniture in the bedroom, the other thing that you need to think about is the decor such as wallpapers, carpets and the colour feel that you are looking for.

If you go for bold colours, then you can definitely get the exact mood and feel that you want for your bedroom, but it can also lead to more of a statement that you need to get correct.

Where to Find Ideas For Colours?

The first thing that you will want to do, while you are here is to check out our guide on getting the right colour for your Ottoman bed.

Other ideas to have a look and to see what your Ottoman bed would look like is to check out sites like Pinterest. This site is dedicated to giving people a pin board with pictures based on their interests, if you click here, you will be able to see all of the different Ottoman bed styles and you will also be able to see all of the colours.

This is a great way to preview the sort of style that you are looking for and will definitely help you pick your final choice.

You can have a look at some Ottoman bed ideas here.

We hope this blog post is helped you to understand more about the style of an Ottoman bed and what you can expect in terms of storage and how to access it. We also hope that you have got some ideas for the colour scheme of your Ottoman bed.

One thing is for sure, as long as you get your Ottoman bed right it will definitely be the statement piece of any bedroom and you will look forward to going to bed in this luxurious and elegant style of bed.

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