Ottoman Bed Vs Divan Bed – Which Is Best For Your Bedroom?

cube bed ottoman new
cube bed ottoman new

If you have been looking for a luxurious bed and you also want added storage, then no doubt you will have heard of Ottoman beds as an option? The problem is you have probably heard of a Divan bed as an option as well.

So, which one is the best option for you?

To reach a solution – we will tell you on this post about the differences in style between an Ottoman bed and a Divan bed. There are some key differences between these bed frames that you should know before you make your decision.

We will also let you know about the pros and cons of an Ottoman bed as well as the pros and cons of a Divan bed which will allow you to see which is the best fit for you.

Lastly, we will recommend some choices that will give you a great Ottoman or Divan that you can use to fit your needs.

Firstly, let us look more closely as what an Ottoman bed is:

What is an Ottoman bed?

An Ottoman bed is a type of bed frame. Commonly, you will find this type of bed to use hydraulics to lift the base of the bed and this means that you will get a lot of storage. Instead of drawers you will find that you can use the entire base of the bed for storage which is a real plus.

They tend to work in a few different ways, in regard to the opening mechanism, you will find they open from the foot of the bed or from the side.

Ottoman beds are a great choice if you are limited on space, and you want to be able to store more under the bed.

In fact, you will be able to see in our Ottoman bed buyers guide that there are a lot of styles to pick from so as well as getting the practicality of storage you will also get a luxurious bed.

Pros and Cons of an Ottoman Bed:

  • Great to keep your bedroom tidy.

If you are looking for a bed frame with the most storage, then we would say to pick an Ottoman over a Divan. It will give you the most storage, simply by the fact that you will get to use the entire bottom of the bed.

If you have larger items or you just want to clear up a lot of space this type of bed will make a great option.

The other benefit of this type of bed is that your items will stay safe, hidden away and free from dust.

  • Great for smaller spaces.

One of the concerns with getting the right type of bed frame is being limited for space. If you are also looking for an Ottoman or a Divan frame that you are no doubt looking for storage as well.

The Ottoman type of bed frame is great for smaller apartments or houses as you will get so much storage area.


An Ottoman bed is great if you want a heavier emphasis on storage. The one thing that you have to bear in mind with the Ottoman bed is that it will lift up for the storage options.

You will get a lot more space, normally than a Divan bed but it will lift up and then you can place your items on the base of the bed.

As long as you want the most storage and are happy with the lifting mechanism design – this will be a great choice for you for the most storage.

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What is a Divan bed?

A divan bed is a type of bed frame that is crafted from wood and covered in soft wadding and then upholstered in fabric. If you are looking for style more than storage, then this might be the first one to look at.

With a Divan bed type you will be able to select your upholstering and the type of fabrics you want so it aids to get the design and the bed the way you want it.

You will also find that this type of bed frame is very neat. The reason for this is because the bed frame is normally made at the same measurements of the mattress and that can help the bed to stay compact and take up less space.

If you are after something that is luxurious but also something that is practical, then this is a great option.

The main benefit of a Divan bed is the storage. The way a Divan bed frame works with storage is to give you storage drawers on the side of the bed. You can also find with Divan frames that they give you many different configurations on where you want the drawers.

Differences compared to an Ottoman bed frame.

The main difference is a Divan bed are the drawers for the storage. You can also find that Divan beds come in a number of different configurations, and it is possible to buy without any drawers.

For the most part you will find they come with 2 standard drawers – one either side of the bed width ways.

Another option you can find is 2 standard drawers and 2 continental drawers.

You can also find Divans with 4 standard drawers.

Although a Divan will not give you quite as much space as an Ottoman it can work out to be tidier.

If you only need a smaller storage option and you would prefer to have drawers for clothes, then this will make for a great choice.

Another option with a Divan bed is that it will normally give you an option between a platform or a sprung top, this means that you can choose your preferred level of firmness.

If you are going for more a contemporary feel and you like the idea of having separate drawer space for clothes as well as the neatness that will bring than a Divan is perfect for you.

Other benefits of a Divan bed frame?

A Divan bed frame will also give you something that will work well with lower ceilings and a smaller room. If you are looking to save as much space as possible in the room than a Divan is a great and contemporary choice.

You also have the option of having no headboard and you can also have the storage doors in several configurations.

Which should you pick?

When we look above at these types of beds there are a few key differences.

Consider buying an Ottoman bed frame if:

You are after something that will give you the largest storage space. Instead of drawers you will be able to use the entire bottom of the bed to storage anything.

This can also help if you have more than just clothes to store as you will not be limited by a drawer.

An Ottoman will also give you very easy access to the storage and this is normally designed in a piston assisted lift and close mechanism. So, this can be better if you have a bad back or legs and have problem stooping down to get to the drawers.

The other plus point of an Ottoman bed is that you will get a wide range of designs and it will add an elegant and stylish feel to any bedroom.

If you want the best in quality but you are also looking for a great storage option, then have a look at our range of Ottoman beds.

Consider buying a divan bed frame if:

You are after something that gives you less storage space in a more organized fashion. If you have low ceilings or you are low on space around the bed, then a divan is a great solution.

If you are not keen on the “open up” mechanism that you get with an Ottoman bed, then a divan will be better suited for your needs.

If you are looking generally for a smaller base size of the frame, this is a great choice.


The best way to sum up is to call the Ottoman bed frames and the Divan bed frames the “battle of the storage bed options!”.

Both will give you fantastic storage solutions and an excellent bed frame. The Ottoman is perfect for people that want real style and something that will give a lot of storage.

The Divan is great for people that want adequate storage but also want to limit the size of the bed and make it more compact.

You can still get the style and the feel you want but a Divan will generally be more compact.

We hope this post helped you see the differences between an Ottoman bed and a Divan bed, and which one is best depending on your needs.

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