Ottoman Beds – Different Types and What to Look For

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Doctors recommend 7hrs of sleep each day as a minimum, because a good night’s sleep is great for your health and well-being. But would anyone enjoy such long hours of sleep if their bed was uncomfortable? Certainly not! That is why it is important to get the right type of bed. In this post we explore different types of Ottoman beds to make sure you get the best choice. That way you are virtually guaranteed a restful night’s sleep.

Features to Identify In a Good Bed

Anyone can own a bed because they come in all types and prices, but not everyone can have a bed that makes you look forward to bedtime. While good beds are within the reach of virtually everybody, especially if you are searching online for a good Ottoman bed, it is important to find out what to look for and the different types before you make your decision.

This guide seeks to highlight the bed features you need to look for if you are to buy a bed worth your money as far as functionality, comfort and style are concerned.

Find out if the bed is strong

If you have a strong bed, your sleep is not going to be interrupted the way it could be if you slept on a creaking bed without much support. So, find out the kind of timber used and details on the workmanship.

Fortunately, Ottoman beds are indisputably sturdy. In fact, the kind of timber used to make Ottoman beds comes from hardwood such as Beech, and when soft wood is used it comes from Pine or such other types that can resist shock.

Ottoman beds are also known for their strong frames that hold steady as you climb onto the bed or turn over in the night. In addition, the workmanship that goes into making the Ottoman bed frames is superb. All our beds at Hugo & Sons are handcrafted with love and pride.

See if the bed is appealing to the eye

Does the bed design look nice to you? What about its colours? And this is the beauty of choosing Ottoman beds. Their manufacturers provide such a big array of designs and styles that everyone is bound to find a style they like. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why not check out some of the fabric samples we have to offer – or give us a call to make sure you get the right design that gives you the wow factor.

Buying a bed in haste and ending up with a type you are not happy with means you will regret your choice over time. That’s an unnecessary cost to your budget, and it can end up playing on your mind every time you enter the bedroom. The reason Ottoman beds are an excellent choice is that if you pick a bed design you like there will be no need to replace that bed for years to come.

There are still a few more considerations even after you have made up your mind that you want an Ottoman bed:

Confirm the bed colours are appropriate

Consider the person for whom you are buying the Ottoman bed when thinking about the bed colours.

If you are a couple, a good idea is to sit down and think about the colours of the bedroom. You can even use an online colour matcher to give you some ideas of colours that work together well. You will also want to think about the statement you want your bed to make – whether you want to have a vibrant bed or whether you are going for a calming vibe.

There are other considerations, for instance medical conditions:

If you want to buy Ottoman beds for individuals with epilepsy, you ought to avoid glitzy colour patterns that give the impression of contrasting colour flashes. This is because some epileptic people have what is referred to as photosensitive epilepsy, and if you expose them to inappropriate colour reflections, they might develop seizures. – come back to this section

Suitability of Bed Design

Ottoman beds come in different designs and styles, and so they offer a good range to choose from as per your taste and physical needs. It is worth noting that a bed design that is great for a young energetic person may not necessarily be appropriate for an elderly person with physical weaknesses.

If you have a physical health condition, like chronic backache, it may be a good idea to seek recommendation from your doctor or therapist regarding the best bed design for you. Your doctor’s view could come in handy considering that Ottoman bed types come in a wide range of designs and styles.

Consider Room Ambience

When you are considering what to look for in an Ottoman bed, factor in aesthetics as well. Nobody wants to retire into a depressing room every night. With the Ottoman bed types available, you will be able to find designs and fabric colours that not only underline your style, but also uplift your mood.

If the rooms you intend to furnish with Ottoman beds are to be used by very young children, it is important to consider the nature of these young souls – they are lively and often hyper-active. You, therefore, need to make a conscious decision to introduce calmness into their rooms. Luckily, you will be able to find Ottoman bed types with calming colours that will consistently give your children a good night’s sleep.

Colours like Lilac and lavender will do the trick for you. Their energy is appropriately calming and serene.

All in all, knowing what to look for in a bed enables you to select one that provides both physical and mental comfort.

What to Look for in an Ottoman Bed?

The other way of asking this question is: “How do you make your pick from such a broad range of beautiful and durable Ottoman beds?”

Check the Type of Base the Ottoman Bed Has

The bed base is that part of the bed that supports the mattress. For Ottoman beds, it is that part that you hold and raise if you want to have a clear view of the storage space.

If that area of the bed has springs lining the edges, then that type of bed base is said to be sprung. Sleeping on a sprung bed base offers you great comfort, particularly because the springs act as effective shock absorbers. Whether you are a heavyweight or lightweight, sprung bed bases ensure you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Many of the Ottoman bed types with sprung bases also have slatted planes. This means they have strong slats laid across the bed frame, forming a smooth sturdy base for the mattress to rest. In short, there are Ottoman beds with sprung slatted bases, and they are a great choice when comfort is your priority.

For premium comfort, go for Ottoman bed types whose sprung slatted bases have been reinforced by a pair of support bars.

Unsurprisingly, comfort is a big priority for many people these days. This is not only because age-related health issues seem to be on the rise, but also because young people are becoming increasingly aware of what they need to do to avoid pre-mature aging. A young person who eats the right diet and exercises regularly will wish to top up his/her healthy lifestyle with quality sleep. And that is what Ottoman beds offer with their sturdy frame and firm mattresses.

In fact, if you want to minimize back problems and other physical discomforts, consider a comfortable bed a necessity.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Although the slats on slatted Ottoman bed bases are pretty close together, you may wish to go for Ottoman beds with boarded bases if you are not selective about what you store under the mattress. Items of extremely small sizes could slip in between the slates. However, if, like many people, you only intend to store clothing items in the bed’s storage space, the choice of bed base may not be of much significance.

It is worth noting that Ottoman beds with boarded bases are slightly more expensive than the ones with slatted bases. This is because of the extra support the complete board offers.

Something else you need to factor in is the quality of your bed’s storage area. Would it allow dust to penetrate and reach your stored items? If you are sensitive about that factor, you need to check out the Ottoman bed types with some Velcro lining around the base frame.

There are other Ottoman beds whose storage spaces do not touch the floor. They are constructed to remain in a kind of floating position, and anything stored in there remains totally enclosed. This means you can pull out any of those items for instant use without a worry regarding their state of cleanliness or tidiness.

Mind the Bed Style

A bed is normally the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, and so you cannot ignore how it looks. When assessing the Ottoman beds at your disposal, have a look at the headboard of each one of them. Does it look like the bed base in terms of finishing, colour and the general look? Your bed will only be appealing if those two sections look alike.

Also ensure to buy a bed that will reach your bedroom without a hitch. This means you should consider the location of the room you are going to put the bed as you identify the bed style to choose. Although the Ottoman bed types are not difficult to lift, it is worth remembering they are made to support heavy mattresses.

Luckily, some Ottoman beds are made in such a way that they can be dismantled and reassembled at will. This means if the passage to the bedroom is constricted, you can buy an Ottoman bed that is meant for self-assembling.

Pay Attention to Detail

Ottoman beds are known for their great quality, but you still need to pay attention to small details when shopping for an Ottoman bed. The wide range of designs and styles available in the market can overwhelm even the best shopper. Nevertheless, you can narrow your choices by keeping in mind a few considerations.

Pay attention to the bed base. Remember you have some bed designs whose bases are basic sprung slatted and others reinforced sprung slatted. Still, some have boarded bases. The choice you make should correspond to your need – like who is going to use that bed? Is it one person, a couple, some children…? All of that matters because you cannot ignore the weight the bed base is going to support.

Consider the floor of the bed base. Does it touch the floor or does it have a platform off the floor? There are some items you certainly cannot store on a bare floor, and some Ottoman bed types have bases with literally no floor. This means you would be storing items just to keep them out of sight and to save space.

Other Ottoman beds have bases with fabric floors. This means ideally you can only store items that are not delicate. Still, there are those items you may be comfortable placing on a bed base that sits on the floor as long as that base is boarded. But if the items you intend to store under your mattress include some designer clothes or such other items of great value, your best bet when considering what to look for in an ottoman bed would be a boarded base that does not touch the floor.

All in all, there is nothing to worry about if the bed you are going to buy is an Ottoman. All Ottoman bed types are hardy, stylish and meant to serve your contemporary needs.

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