Ottoman Beds – How to Pick the Right Size Ottoman Bed Without The Stress!

sleigh bed ottoman
sleigh bed ottoman

It’s interesting how many products we enjoy today have links to the past. This is the case with Ottoman beds which originated in Turkey, a country that is today more famous for its beautiful shopping Bazaars and clothes than it is furniture. Ottoman beds that have become very popular in the UK and elsewhere were birthed in Turkey during the era the country was part of the Ottoman Empire. It is not easy to tell if at the time the makers of those beds provided a reasonable range of Ottoman bed sizes, but what is not in doubt is that those Ottoman beds were very popular. An Ottoman bed was the piece of furniture to have not only in Turkey but also in Greece, Hungary and other countries that made up the empire. In fact, as the 18th century approached its end, every who-is-who in Europe was making an order for Ottoman beds.

How To Ensure You Get The Right Size Ottoman Bed:

When you go to bed, the last thing you want, is to feel like you have been packed on a rack – whether you are sleeping alone or as a couple. And that is exactly what will happen if you buy a bed one size smaller than appropriate. With Ottoman beds, you face no such risk. There is a wide range of Ottoman bed sizes to choose from, and that ensures every customer can find a suitable size. If you are not in the know regarding these beds and the sizing you require, you could end up buying a bed one size bigger or smaller than necessary. This means you will end up having problems further down the line. Supposing the size of your bed does not correspond to the size of your bedroom. It means no other item of furniture – not even a tiny dressing table – will fit into that room. And that is just the start of your problems! Just imagine the number of times you could end up stumbling on the bed edges due to constricted space! Luckily, with a full selection of Ottoman bed sizes on offer here at Hugo & Sons such problems are non-existent. Simply put, the importance of buying a bed of the appropriate size cannot be overstated.

Consider how Much Clutter You want to Clear

With Ottoman beds, the main benefit is the comfort of lying on them – but the pros of this type of bed do not end there… The lower half of these beds are discreet storage spaces. How about that? So, when you are weighing your options with regards to Ottoman bed sizes, you need to factor in the convenience of saving room space. Instead of crowding your room with wardrobes and large closets, the Ottoman beds you furnish your house with become handy storage spaces. Any towels you need spare for your visitors, extra pieces of bedding, clothing you only use when away on holiday – all those are best stored in the in-built spaces of your Ottoman beds. The beauty of Ottoman bed sizes is that they even include some convenience for school-age children. So, you can teach your children to put away those pieces of clothing they don’t use on a day-to-day basis, and it will be easier to keep their rooms tidy. The frustration parents experience when all the floor space in their children’s bedrooms has a misplaced piece of clothing will be a thing of the past. The important point to consider here as you choose your bed size is whether you want to use your new Ottoman bed to help with storage space. If you are a minimalist and your only consideration when buying the bed is functionality and comfort, then you may not have much to store away in the bed and could go for a smaller size. So, when provided with a list of Ottoman bed sizes, you probably will not wish to go for the large luxurious sizes.

Consider the Size of Your Mattress

It is not always the case that you buy a bed the same day you buy a mattress, much as it may appear they go hand in hand. So, if you already have your mattress and all you need is a bed, you ought to look at the Ottoman beds available and their sizes, with a view to identifying one that corresponds to the size of that mattress. Luckily, we also sell high quality mattresses. It is important to note the term ‘quality’ because Ottoman beds are of such high quality that they simply won’t match sub-standard mattresses. We highly recommend you look at our range of mattresses to make sure you get something that will give you optimum comfort with your new bed. Something else to bear in mind is that when the size of your bed matches the size of your mattress, the mattress is bound to last longer than when the mattress is ill-fitting.

Different Size Ottoman Beds

The main Ottoman bed sizes are Single, Double and King. This means if you are limited on floor space, you can still purchase an Ottoman bed, which in most cases will fit. If you live in a small apartment but you have your heart set on an Ottoman bed – we encourage you to have a look at our full range or give us a call for help. You will find a bed that not only fits your needs but also saves you precious space courtesy of the bed’s storage compartment. Meanwhile, those whose bedrooms are larger can fit in king-size Ottoman beds, so they don’t feel like their rooms are missing something. The room space you save after storing your clothes in the bed’s storage area can accommodate anything you like and that will save on storage space. Better still, as you go through the list of Ottoman bed sizes, inquire about the design of Ottoman beds with fabrics to match your decor and taste.


Ottoman beds of single size measure 3ft by 6ft, and they come in different designs. At Hugo & Sons we have the Butterfly Wing Back, the Chesterfield Sleigh, the Classic Wing Back, the Cube Bed, the Hilton Bed, the Oxford Wing Back, the Linear Wing Back, the Sleigh, and the Sleigh with Ottoman, and many more of the stylish handcrafted Ottoman beds available. What you realize as you view these beds is that having an extensive range of Ottoman bed sizes to choose from is not the only selling point of Ottoman beds. The chenille fabric mainly used on the single beds, for example, has a relaxing softness and comes in a range of colours – all appealing to the eye. Depending on your personality or preference, you may wish to have something that adds coolness to your room or one that compliments a bold colour and mood. If so, you’ve got mink to do the trick. If you want something that will add a spot of class to your room, some silver chenille will most likely be of interest. In fact, not only will the silver chenille Ottoman beds bring into your home a lively and fun mood, but they also announce affluence. The colour tends to portray you as elegant and sophisticated, and generally one who has made it in life. Other colours you can choose from when ordering your single bed include cream, grey and even black.

4ft Small Double

Ottoman beds of small double size measure 4ft by 6ft, and like all the other Ottoman beds they come with some handy storage space. You’ll find these in leather, velvet, and other exquisite fabrics. When it comes to fabric colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you want the feel of freshness in your room, there are small doubles available in white fabric. If you want the feel of harmony and tranquility, they come in blue as well. And there are many more fabric colours for these small double Ottoman beds, including cream, beige, grey, brown, black and silver.

4ft 6In Double

As the name suggests, the size of these 4ft 6In double beds is 4 feet 6 inches in width, and 6ft in length. If you are occupying a house with relatively spacious bedrooms, you will certainly want bigger beds whether the room you are furnishing is to be occupied by adults or children. Most of the time, interior designers will tell you it helps when the bed size corresponds to the room size. Remember as long as you are choosing from the selection of Ottoman beds, the storage space is a given and will come with every model. Many of these beds are coated in soft comfortable material of the velvet type. This means you will easily find Ottoman beds with silk or rayon fabric; all of the materials you will find kind to your skin. The fabric colours come in an even wider range – from glitz to pink, to teal, to mustard, to silver – unique colours that are not run-of-the-mill. Still, you have an equally large choice if you are conservative where colours are concerned. So, after making your pick from the range of Ottoman bed sizes on offer, you can proceed to identify your colour of choice from among the beds with blue or green fabric, brown, grey and many others.

5ft King

These Ottoman beds are larger, and the width is 5 feet, so you know you will have ample room as a couple, or even as a super large bed on your own. At least that is what their massive size and elegance portray. Yet anyone who knows where to look can enjoy the comfort these beds provide. Here you can find an elegant king-size bed with Diamante buttons at below £400! Who would have thought? Yet with Ottoman beds, there is no compromise on quality. Their frames are consistently sturdy, they still come in a wide range of beautiful fabrics, and the colour choices are vast.

6ft Super King

The 6ft Super King bed is a notch above the king-size Ottoman bed as far as the feel of luxury goes. This one is big and square – 6 feet wide and 6 feet long. This will be your best choice of bed if you are a house with spacious rooms, and you are able to secure one of these beds without too much of a dent to your wallet. Many people are surprised, that despite this being the largest size Ottoman bed, it can work out to be cost effective and if you have the space there is no reason to limit yourself.

Final Considerations Before You Buy Your Ottoman Bed

At the end of the day, you want value for your money. So, it’s important that you consider the above before identifying the Ottoman bed to buy. What has drawn you to the Ottoman beds? Is it their functionality, their elegance, their reasonable pricing or storage? One of the main things you will want to do is make sure you measure up – especially if you are looking to order a larger bed. Think about the space you have to maneuver around your bedroom. It is always better to have more space than too little. The great news is that at Hugo & Sons we are dedicated to helping you find your dream bed. Feel free to check out our selection of Ottoman beds, which you will find in all standard sizes above. If you need help, special requests or have any queries at all – give us a call and we will be very pleased to help. Now, let’s make sure you get the best Ottoman bed for your needs. Click here to check out our full range of Ottoman beds.



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