Picking Your King Size Sleigh Bed – What You Need To Know First…

sleigh upholstered footboard 3
sleigh upholstered footboard 3

Any time you are thinking of buying something, it means you have identified a need. If you are thinking of buying a bed, for example, it means you have someone in mind who needs to use, or who might require using it sometime in the future. If you are clear about the bed you want, say a king size sleigh bed, it means the next step is working out the style and the comfort you require.

So, what are those qualities king size sleigh beds have that are likely to draw customers to them? Is it their size, the material they are made of, the credibility of their brand or what exactly is it?

The Sleigh Bed is Spacious

In reality, there are not many bed brands that can sell as well as sleigh beds do without much advertising. When it comes to the king size sleigh bed, first of all, its size is a great selling point. You can use it alone and enjoy the luxury that comes with lying on massive bed, and you can still benefit from the remarkable comfort when you lie on the bed as a couple.

At times a family might find it prudent to furnish one of their spare bedrooms with a king size sleigh bed, so that visiting children can spend the night together during sleepovers. With all the fun and chaos that go on during such visits, it would be a relief for parents to know their children’s normal bedrooms will not be messed with. So, the benefit of space where king size sleigh beds are concerned cannot be overstated.

The King Size Choice Offers Quality Sleep

Quality sleep helps you live a healthy life, and the opposite is also true. Anyone using a king size sleigh bed can attest to the quality of sleep they enjoy, and that is not only because the feel of luxury the bed gives increases their happiness, but also because their sleep is rarely interrupted.

Even for those people who only sleep a short four or five hours at a time due to underlying health issues, they can rest assured they face no risk of hitting the bedside table, lamp, or any other object close to the bed when tossing. This is because a king size sleigh bed is massive in dimensions – 195 cm in width and 217 cm in length: a whole two meters square, plus!

Do you know what it costs to spend your nights in discomfort? Big hospital bills from ailments related to sleep deprivation. We are saying you can avoid chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression by getting yourself a king size sleigh bed, because with the king and super king size sleigh beds, comfort is guaranteed.

Different Bed Designs Available

One of the advantages of going for sleigh beds, especially the king size, is that they come in a wide range of designs. Manufacturers know that anyone prepared to pay a reasonable amount of money for a bed expects the piece of furniture to inject life into their bedroom. At the minimum, they expect their king size sleigh beds to introduce elegance into the room, in addition to boosting the feel of relaxation.

Fortunately, the king size beds do not disappoint. You can find some designs with nicely padded headboards covered in cosy fabric and looking at that bed makes you feel welcome. The footboards, too, are attractively designed, sometimes with a craft finishing that depicts feet in a turned position. In short, you have a bed which, at a glance, makes you feel relaxed while subtly reminding you of the quality time you are about to have when you hop in.

Different Fabric Colours Available

Sleigh beds are also available in an array of suitable colours – like shades of blue that maintain the aura of calmness in the room and shades of cream that boost the feel of comfort in the room. In fact, some king size sleigh beds whose fabric finishing is a shade of cream, like the avocado cream, give the room a tinge of provocation for the romantics.

There is actually a shade of color for everyone, and that is one of the reasons sleigh beds are increasingly becoming popular. The manufacturers have shown they have no qualms trying out different fabric colours. You should, therefore, not be hesitant to hunt for the exact color you like. For beds with cream fabrics, for example, some come in apple cream, others in pistachio cream, cocoa cream, dairy cream, caramel cream, soft cream, the extra bright banana cream, and many more.

The beauty with having a range of variety is this wide when it comes to colours, is that you can personalize your bedroom to the detail. In fact, you can make a statement that is very personal to you by just having a sleigh bed of your design of choice, fabric of choice, and colours of choice. How exciting!

Sleighs have Elegance

There is some elegance that comes with king size sleigh beds, and at first you may not realize the contribution the choice of wood makes. Many manufacturers, when not going for mahogany, will choose the oak for the bed frame; and this makes the bed quite elegant and classy. Even for those extremely modest who like to underplay their social status, a sleigh bed will still announce you care at least for respectability.

King size Sleigh Bed Materials are High Quality

One reason sleigh beds are popular with everyone – urban, suburban and others – is that the materials used to make them are all of outstanding quality. For the wood, for example, when it is not ebony, from the ‘million-dollar tree’, it is some other strong and smooth wood type.

With ebony, you have a bed frame with a rich natural black and a sleek texture, which makes the sleigh bed aesthetically very appealing. In fact, a bed frame made of ebony is naturally glossy, which means it often does not require artificial embellishment to look great. Obviously, items of exceptionally great value do not come easy, and not every manufacturer can lay their hands on ebony.

Hence, those who are lucky to find it prefer to make king size or super king size sleigh beds with it, because it makes economic sense. In short, whether your preferred sleigh bed is single or king size, you cannot escape paying some premium on the average price if the bed is made of ebony. However, the bottom line is, with all the clout that comes with your top-of-the range piece of furniture, you do not feel the pinch.

Big Sleigh Beds have Extras

King and super king size sleigh beds come with extra touches to them. It may be the padding on the headboard, some buttoning, or even some bonus height to the headboard.

In fact, an extra high headboard covered with luxury fabric and lavished with plush buttons adds to the elegance of the room. Ultimately, you feel welcome and cherished as you approach the bed. And in such an atmosphere, it is pretty easy for peaceful sleep to set in and last till morning.

Very often, too, the footboards of king size sleigh beds are artistically done. Sometimes the art comes through by the manner in which the footboard is curved outwards, but other times the art reflects through some extra work done on the surface of the footboard. In fact, some builders of sleigh beds opt to have carvings made by hand directly on the headboard or footboard or made separately and then attached to the bed boards.

Whatever style the manufacturers give to these beds, the fact is the king size sleigh beds are a cut above all others. Very often, even the fabric used on the padding of the headboards and footboards as well as on other parts of the bed is of uniquely high quality.

Chenille is one of those fabric types used as finishing for king size sleigh beds, and in it could be proportions of silk and wool. Hence you are looking at a bed well cushioned from the excesses of the weather, be it the freezing cold or melting heat.

Also, some sleigh bed manufacturers spare no effort in their bid to provide beds with a regal touch. That is why you should not be surprised to find a bed from the sleigh brand covered in cashmere. Even if you had a baby spending the night in such a bed, you would have no reason to fret about the possibility of night interruptions. You and your baby, under a cashmere-coated king size sleigh bed, will sleep snuggly till morning and wake up fully refreshed.

There are many more types of fabric that give elegance to king size sleigh beds while enhancing their functionality, and that includes velvet. One reason you may wish to buy a bed with velvet fabric is that not only is this type of fabric soft, but it is also smooth and beautiful. Any type of velvet used on a piece of furniture adds some appeal to the piece, and automatically, the value of that piece rises.

It is no different when it comes to sleigh beds. If the fabric used on them is a combination of silk and wool; silk and linen; wool, cotton and silk; or any of the combinations that produce velvety fabrics, these beds automatically join the category of luxurious pieces of furniture.

Reassess the Bed before Making Payment

So, before you make your pick from the furniture store, see if you have checked all the boxes with regard to what you should know about the king size sleigh bed. Is it as spacious as beds of that size are meant to be? Almost every marketplace has a cheap deal these days, you know… So, be careful not to be conned and do your research. Any sleigh bed with a side below 195cm cannot pass for a king size in a store that sells genuine sleigh beds.

Does the bed feel strong and stable when you exert pressure on it using your hands? This is important because a bed can only allow you quality sleep, whether it is a sleigh bed or any other type, if it has a strong frame well put together to give stability to the bed.

Remember stability of the bed should not be compromised just because the bed size is big. In fact, sleigh beds of all sizes are expected, by default, to be stable.

At the same time, you need to confirm that the artwork and the general design of the bed is pet friendly, in case you are a pet lover. If you have a cat, for instance, it would not be advisable to buy a bed whose headboard depicts any of the cat’s predators. Remember if anything from your bed is distracting to your pet the pet will, in turn, ruin your sleep.

Make sure that the headboard, footboard and the bed frame as a whole make an accurate statement about your taste and preference. If not, keep looking. The only way you will be motivated to come for another piece of sleigh furniture is if you get value for your money this time round.

Fortunately, many people who are introduced to sleigh beds often become repeat customers. This means that it is a fantastic choice to look into. Check out the full range of Sleigh beds at Hugo & Sons, and we are sure we can help you find your perfect bed.


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