Shopping For A Cheap Ottoman Bed – Simple Checklist To Make Sure You Get Quality!

If you are searching for the best deals on a cheap ottoman bed, then we will help you with this post and give you a simple checklist to make sure that when you buy your ottoman bed you are getting quality.

If you are looking for an Ottoman bed you are probably looking for something that will give you extra storage, will help to keep your room tidy and a professional finish that will add style and elegance to your bedroom.

The good news is that there is plenty of choice out there. The main thing to remember if you are shopping on a budget or if you are looking to get an Ottoman bed as cheaply as possible there are a few things that you need to check to make sure you get quality.

We will give you a complete checklist below and you can also check out our Ottoman bed buying guide that will give you more information on the best choices.

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Checklist When Buying A Cheap Ottoman Bed:

Here is a checklist that we have put together to make sure that you get quality. By all means circular best deal on an Ottoman bed that you can find but make sure that your choice includes the following:


The very first thing that we recommend you take a good look at is the comfort that you will get from your Ottoman bed. This is especially true when you are searching for a cheap or a budget Ottoman bed. You need to make sure that no corners have been cut in terms of the comfort that you are getting.

The comfort will obviously come from the frame of the bed and how it is put together, we recommend that if you can you spend some time checking the frame and that is well made and put together.

Open & Close System:

This is another area that you will want to look at with your Ottoman bed if you are looking to save money. You will normally find that the opening of the Ottoman bed to get to the storage is ran from a hydraulic system. If you’re going for a budget choice make sure that this is sturdy and well put together, also make sure that you will have enough power in the hydraulics to be able to lift your mattress. You will find it depending on the mattress that you have on your Ottoman bed it will change the speed of the opening or closing.

As a rule, you will find that traditional sprung mattress will tend to be heavier, so we recommend going for another type of mattress reason making sure that you choose a thinner one.

This is a very important area to look at when you are buying an Ottoman bed as the price that you get will not be worth going for if it is cheap, but it only lasts for a few years.


Another area that you will want to check if you’re trying to pick up the best deal is just to make sure that the sizing is standard. It is no good going for an Ottoman bed and then finding that your mattress will not fit it and that it gives you a strange sizing.

You can check out our Ottoman beds here at Hugo & Sons and you will be able to see the different sizing available which is fairly standard, if you need more help with this you can also read our sizing guide to make sure that you get the right size for your needs.

Upholstered Ottoman Beds:

If you are going for an upholstered Ottoman bed this is especially important to make sure that you are getting quality. If you are buying online make sure that you can get clear pictures of the bed that you are interested in and close ups. You will normally find that the more money you spend the better-quality upholstery you are going to get. Even with a cheap bed however make sure that it is up to par and check the level of stitching and how well it has been put together.

You will normally find that you can upholstered your bed frame in a range of materials everything from faux leather, fabric and even crushed velvet.


You should also double check all of the safety features you normally get as standard with an Ottoman bed. One of the key safety features that you should check is that you have a gas strut so when you lived up the storage it does not suddenly shoot up and cause any damage.

Other considerations if you have not got a sprung slatted base is to make sure that you have a non- slip top and that will make sure that you keep your mattress in place.

Things To Remember:

When you are buying an Ottoman bed it is far more important to spend a little bit more and get real quality as opposed to just get something that will fall apart or that will end up costing more money to get a repair.

You will normally find that you can expect to pay anywhere from £300 to over £3000 for your Ottoman bed. The main areas of the bed that will increase the price is the size of the bed itself, the upholstery is a huge part of the pricing as this has to be handmade in most cases and the materials that you are using.

Other areas that will increase the price is the mechanism that you are using for storage whether you are going for a standard “opening from the bottom” Ottoman or a side opening Ottoman.

The good news is that there are a lot of choices out there so you should not be stuck.

Make sure that you know the type of Ottoman that you want to go for first. As long as you make sure that you have your measurements, and you know the type whether you want it to be a side opening or open from the bottom that will help you with your selection.

The next step is to think about the size that you are going for and get something that will meet your needs. Remember, you do not want to try and force the price down by picking a size that is too small and that will not fit your mattress, make sure that you take accurate measurements.

Lastly, if you have a look at the various pricing on different upholstery and fabrics you will be able to play around with the final cost somewhat.

If you are still needing more help on making sure that you get an Ottoman bed on a budget, then have a look at our selection of Ottomans and also give us a call at Hugo and Sons and we will be happy to help and guide you through the selection of Ottoman beds that we have.

All of our beds are the highest quality, and we guarantee happiness, comfort and a good night sleep!

Thanks for reading and we hope this is helped you make your choice when you are shopping for a cheap Ottoman bed, or you are on a budget.

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