Sleigh Bed in Crushed Velvet – A Perfect Choice for Luxury in Any Bedroom!

crushed velvet sleigh bed
crushed velvet sleigh bed

What are sleigh beds and what is special about them? Sleigh beds are a popular bed type whose design was inspired by the sleighs of the 1800s that carried prominent individuals. These sleighs were sort of carriages that were ordinarily drawn by horses.

So are sleigh beds meant for just important people? Well, not exclusively – but they do put you in the category of classy people; those not shy to be stylish and to give themselves a reasonable level of comfort. Sleigh beds are today the go-to bed type, because even with their touch of luxury, they are still affordable.

Nevertheless, you need to choose your sleigh bed style with some thought, as there is a big range to choose from in the market. If you are a conservative individual, for example, you need not fret about feeling like a show-off when you take home your sleigh bed.

There are sleigh beds made in the traditional style, whose outlines correspond to ends of sleigh beds that normally curve outwards. In fact, these curved outlines that match the bed ends have been influenced by the 1800 French style, which reflected in the travel sleighs powerful people used.

As for the materials used, the traditional chenille type that is very much cherished is still in use; and other sleigh bed designs use the luxurious velvet, including crushed velvet and others. In fact, makers of sleigh beds pride themselves in being able to customise their beds to suit customers’ individual needs.

When it comes to customisation of bed designs or styles, it does not end with personal taste. You can match your choice of sleigh bed with the decor of your bedroom. Remember if you are keen on getting the perfect style for your bedroom and you do not find your exact preference in the stores, many sleigh bed vendors will be willing to take your customised order and deliver the bed you want.

One admirable thing about the furniture world is that manufacturers are very accommodating, and they also embrace diversity of style. They are actually artists who do not shy from venturing beyond the conventional. That is why, for example, you can find a sleigh bed being offered as a set of bed and bench.

You can imagine a sleigh bed of luxurious design and eye-catching fabric having a nicely made bench just below the outward curve of the footboard. When such a bench has straight lines with smooth edges, it offers a captivating contrast with the curves of the bed’s footboard. You can actually sense the feel of adventure as you look at it.

In short, whether your nature and taste are traditional or liberal, you will be able to find a sleigh bed you will be happy about.

Utility Value of Sleigh Beds

The value of sleigh beds goes beyond is prestigious look. When you think of the effect the curved endings of these beds have on the management of your room, you will appreciate these beds’ sometimes understated value.

The outward curve of the headboard adds a few more inches to the length of the bed, and the outward curve of the footboard does the same. This means if you and I are buying a 5 x 6-foot bed and mine is a sleigh while yours is not, there is a tall person who can fit in my bed and yet not fit in yours – your bed being too short for comfort.

Still owing to these nicely designed curvatures, you can enhance the cushioning of the headboard as you sit, using something like a pillow or any other spongy item. In short, not only does a sleigh bed offer comfort, it also leaves you room to enhance that comfort in a more personal way.

Remember just because bedrooms are meant for sleeping in does not mean you cannot watch early morning news, an evening movie, or such other program from the comfort of your bed. Hence there is one more reason you need a bed with a curved headboard like the ones sleigh beds have. You will, certainly, need comfort as you prop yourself upright to watch TV from bed; and being able to add some cushioning between you and the headboard is just the convenience you need.

Something else that makes sleigh beds so valuable is that they leave you with a lot of space to work with in your bedroom. How is that? Well, they take up a sizeable part of your garments in the storage compartment positioned discreetly at the base, if you have chosen a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage.

In fact, as long as you make a point of arranging things well, you can store items of different kinds in that sleigh bed’s storage and not just clothes.

Once storage is no longer a major consideration, you can choose to add a dressing table in that bedroom, a bedside table, a table for mementos, or just live with a spacious room and enjoy the aura of liberation that comes with it. When the bed you have is the sleigh type, it becomes pretty easy to customise your bedroom as per your taste. And you rarely have a crowded bedroom!

Sleighs are quite versatile when it comes to storage, if only you choose appropriately. Your sleigh bed can have drawers or some other form of enclosure on its headboard, just for storage purposes. That is another plus. If you are seeking to maximize the use of your bed as many customers do, you may wish to identify a bed whose headboard has some storage space.

You need to be aware that the tiny things people normally take to the bedroom can make your room messy and unattractive if you are not careful. Think of your extra phones, chargers, power banks, nail cutters and files, hair brushes and combs, and such other items whose use is often unscheduled. Scattered all over the place, these items can make your bedroom just as untidy as clothes make it when they litter the place.

Luckily, there is a way manufacturers of sleigh beds design these headboards, so that even as they include the storage compartment, they also retain the beauty and appeal these headboards are known for. Remember the appeal both the headboard and the footboard is the hallmark of today’s sleigh bed.

The Crushed Velvet Style

When it comes to spending money on sleigh beds, the bed frame should not be your only consideration. The upholstering and overall style matters a lot. In fact, it is something you should evaluate very well and make comparisons among whatever styles are available, before committing to buying any sleigh bed.

Have you ever considered why some headboards appear better padded than others? You should because the quality of material used for upholstering determines how comfortable you are going to be once you place your head against the board. It also determines if your hand is going to slip every time you try to get a grip on the bed’s headboard, or you will be fine with your hold.

The better the quality of fabric, the easier it should be for you to handle yourself in and around your sleigh bed. The market for beds is vibrant and every manufacturer wants to make a sale, and it is up to you to ensure you do not take home just any sleigh bed.

Your choice of sleigh bed should be one whose padding is both appealing to the eye and nice to the touch. If you furnish yourself with ample information before you begin your search, identifying the appropriate bed will be a walk in the park.

First, it needs to be said that you cannot go wrong if you choose materials like the crushed velvet, which are soft and cosy. The crushed velvet fabric is of great quality; the type that depicts class, luxury and everything that goes with privilege.

Such a classy fabric accompanying a sleek bed design is just the right combination for a luxurious sleigh bed. Yet the ones available in the UK are unbelievably pocket friendly. With just £300 or thereabouts, you can buy yourself a durable sleigh bed in crushed velvet and enjoy the quality sleep that is so often elusive.

There is something else great you should know about the sleigh brand. Not only does it offer choices of bed frames; it also provides a range of fabrics from which to choose. And that is not the end of it – a single fabric, like velvet, can also have variations. In fact, besides the crushed velvet that is so popular among sleigh bed customers, there is a whole range of other velvet variations; all soft to the touch and nice to look at.

If you choose the crushed velvet style of fabric when making your order, you should look forward to a bed covered in radiant velvet that is also nicely patterned. In order to attain this form of patterning, the velvet fabric manufacturers normally press down the material in varying directions. Alternatively, they mechanically twist the fabric while it is wet.

Other Considerations to Make

If you want to make best use of sleigh beds, whether they are in crush velvet, stretch velvet or any other kind of velvet fabric, there are a few additional considerations you need to make. One is the size of bedroom space you have. If your bedroom is vast, buying a sleigh bed should be a no brainer. Sleigh beds really do well in spacious rooms; like the master bedroom.

Consider also how best to make your bed on a daily basis. Are you going to cover your bed with a huge duvet that hangs over your bed’s footboard? That is something you need to avoid, lest all the beauty and appeal of your curved footboard will be hidden. Is the unique footboard style not one of the reasons you went for a sleigh bed and no other bed type?

So, whatever pieces of bedding you have on your bed, tuck them in; and let the beauty of your bed enhance the room’s aesthetics.

If you have a colour theme that is close to your heart, take it into account when choosing the exact crushed velvet you want for your sleigh bed. You can go for silver, grey or even black, as long as it matches the rest of the colours in your bedroom. Remember the bedroom is a very private place, and you create an even better feel when you are able to customize the aesthetics to your taste.

Do not forget the standard bed sizes in the UK if you want your bed, mattress and pieces of bedding to work well together. Whether your sleigh bed has the Ottoman storage or not, whether it is in crushed velvet or another fabric, it will fall under one of five bed sizes. These are the single, the small double, the double, the king and the super king. All of these sleigh bed sizes are 6ft long, and what varies is their width – 3 feet, 4 feet, 4 feet 6 inches, 5 feet and 6 feet respectively.

At the end of the day, buying a sleigh bed with crushed velvet is a choice. It is the kind of bed whose durability, comfort, design and beauty appeal to customers. Even if you chose to become a bed dealer and proceed to stock sleigh beds, your customers would not need much prodding to choose this particular bed type.

Nevertheless, for those whose fabric preference might be a little different, probably because they want to match some other furniture in the room, there are always other sleigh beds with quality fabric available. The reality is that fabrics used on sleigh beds, irrespective of the sleigh bed designs, are always of high standard. They are cosy to the feel and beautiful to look at.

So, saying that sleigh beds in crushed velvet or any other velvet variation is a perfect choice for luxury in any bedroom is not an exaggeration. It is the reality. This is not only the sellers’ view but also that of the many customers who have been lucky to find sleigh beds of their choice still in stock. Because – truth be told, these beauties do sell like hot cakes!

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