Sleigh Beds Buying Guide – How To Make Sure You Get The Perfect Bed!

chesterfield sleigh bed
Chesterfield Sleigh Bed

Why does it matter if you buy yourself a sleigh bed from a credible vendor, a generic bed, or any other type of bed?

Well, you need a minimum of 7hrs of sleep per night if you are going to remain physically and mentally healthy – that is why. And this you will not enjoy by laying your body on just any type of bed. You have got to know the right bed types to provide the appropriate level of comfort, and the features that make those beds comfortable. If you have a sleigh bed or any other bed type make sure you check the features and see if they are likely to enhance or diminish your comfort and sleep.

Of course, the NHS reckons your health may not suffer if all you can afford is 6hrs of sleep in a day, but the point is your body and mind need sufficient time to recuperate from the rigours of the day.

Why Sleigh Beds are best for Sleep

One thing you will notice as soon as you begin to use a sleigh bed is that you feel extra refreshed in the morning. You are also bound to feel notably motivated as you begin your day, because a relaxed mind has no fears or anxieties. And soon the people you are working begin to notice improvement in your level of creativity.

Such positive changes should not come as a surprise, considering sleigh beds have the right features to offer relaxation and comfort. But the question is: What features are those?

First of all, it is important to understand what a sleigh bed is – a bed that looks like a sleigh. In this regard, sleigh beds have headboards that curve outwards; and the same case applies to their footboards.

One of the advantages of having a curved headboard is that you can place an extra pillow or a cushion in the space created by the curvature. If you like reading or watching television from bed, such support padding will make you comfortable and ensure your back does not hurt as you sit.

Moreover, the curvature on the sleigh bed’s headboard adds some inches to the length of the bed; meaning the bed can accommodate a person taller than otherwise anticipated. The sleigh bed’s curved footboard comes with similar benefit.

Other Beneficial Features of Sleigh Beds

Some of the benefits of a sleigh bed can be better understood when one gets to know the history of sleigh beds.  The sleighs these beds are equated to were drawn by horses in the era of the Roman Empire, and they were primarily used to carry affluent members of the society.

An ordinary Roman could not be expected to ride on a horse-drawn sleigh, but it was normal for senior military and government officials, as well as wealthy merchants, to use that mode of transport. And so, sleighs made a statement about the person’s status in society. For sleigh beds, they make a similar statement as far as consciousness to class and style is concerned.

The minute you go for a respectable choice like a sleigh bed, everyone knows even though you may not care much about things regal, you love a touch of style in the bedroom. It is important to note that initially sleigh beds went by the term French beds, and this is because their popularity soared at the same time the French Empire became prominent – in 1815 or thereabouts.

Obviously, it was a time of pride for the French, having broken the bond that bound them to the Roman Empire. As such, the statement a sleigh bed makes about you has the element of independence as well – that you are not one for run of-the-mill beds. You know your worth and you choose to show it by furnishing your home with a respectable brand – sleigh beds.

So, in addition to your sleigh bed having great utility value, it also serves as a statement of taste and style.

Ensure the Size is Right

Once your brand of choice is sleigh, you can be certain you are going to find the right size of bed no matter whom you are buying the bed for. After all, sleigh beds come in varying sizes, from small to extra large.

Specifically, there is the single size, the compact double size, the double size, the king size, and the super king size. This means you have a sleigh bed size for a tiny bedroom, for an average bedroom size, and even for a very spacious room.

So, it is not just the size of the person you should be considering as you go shopping for a sleigh bed; it is also the size of the bedroom. If you live in a tiny apartment that has a small bedroom, the size of bed you should be seeking is small; and if you live in a mansion with a massive master bedroom, you would be expected to look for a super king size sleigh bed.

Here your concern extends to even the organization of your bedroom. If you buy a small size bed for a large bedroom, for example, the disproportionate nature of the two will cause you dissatisfaction. In fact, you will know you have gone wrong with your choice of sleigh bed the minute you begin to hear the echo of your own voice in that room.

A room looks elegant when just the right proportion of space is occupied by furniture; and the bed is the most significant piece of furniture in a bedroom. Therefore, for your bed choice to be ideal or perfect it needs to correspond to the size of your room.

Consider Difficulty Of The Bed Assembly

Since many of the sleigh beds available in the market are not pre-assembled, you need to consider how easy it is to assemble the bed design you want to buy. If the task does not require advanced technical skill, you would only need to ensure you have a helping hand waiting at home.

The alternative is to buy your preferred sleigh bed from an outlet that offers some form of after-sales service; one that probably offers delivery service and handymen to assemble the unit for you once it has reached home.

Mind the Bed Design

Sleigh beds might generally have a common look, but there are variations in detail. For example, you could have a sleigh bed design with drawers and another one without; one that is adjustable and another one that is not; and such other variations.

If your intention is to buy a sleigh bed for a five-year-old, for instance, you may wish to choose a design that is adjustable so that you do not have to replace the bed every few years as the child grows in stature.

There are even some sleigh-bed designs that leave room for someone else to sleep underneath; and these come with an extra mattress. Such a bed would clearly serve well if you are trying to furnish a holiday cottage, an Airbnb, or such other place where you might need to enhance convenience of accommodation.

The footboard is another feature you need to take into account especially if room space is an issue. Remember the footboard of a sleigh bed curves outwards just like the bed’s headboard. This means that both of these parts cause the bed to occupy more room space than it would otherwise.

The solution here is to select a sleigh bed without a footboard, so that the only curved board on the bed is the headboard. The beauty of doing away with a footboard, while retaining the headboard, is that the aesthetics of the bed and the bedroom is not adversely affected. If there is any art on the bed it is normally on the headboard, and so the overall appeal of the sleigh bed remains intact.

Assess your Budget

There is no good or bad bed size or design as long as it serves your purpose. As far as buying a sleigh bed is concerned, you can only be sure you have made a perfect choice if you can afford to pay for the bed you have chosen.

The price of sleigh beds can be as modest as below £400 and as pricey as above £1,000. For that reason, it is crucial that you keep affordability in mind as you proceed to choose the bed you want.

Remember bed size is not the only factor that determines price. A sleigh bed might have a massive price tag because of luxurious materials used to make it, including the fabric. It could also be for reasons of artistic work done on the headboard or the footboard. Sometimes sleigh beds of the same size can have different price tags because of variations in some features; or due to presence or absence of some.

For example, a sleigh bed whose frame is adjustable cannot be sold at the same price as another one of the ordinary type. This is not only because it is more versatile as far as utility is concerned, but because there are additional materials and more skills used to make the bed adjustable.

The extra material used includes some box spring; mattress topper or bed risers; as well as a bed lift.

One point people need to know is that although storage is not the most prominent selling point for sleigh beds, these types of beds often provide a special storage area. A bed that you can adjust in a manner to increase that space can justifiably be a few pounds more expensive than another one whose storage space is fixed.

Mind your Health:

If you have a back problem and it is time for you to shop for a sleigh bed, you would be better off buying an adjustable one, where raising the mattress is not necessarily for the purpose of increasing storage space.

The sleigh bed design you need is one that improves the comfort of your back when the bed is adjusted; and hence the mattress elevated. In fact, there are sleigh-bed designs suitable even for people with knee injuries; and those bed types are adjustable as well.

Is Room Space an Issue?

If you have a challenge of space in the room you are trying to furnish, you could go for a sleigh bed that has a storage compartment. Normally such a compartment is at the base, so that the items you store remain beneath the mattress at all times.

Still, there are those sleigh-bed designs that accommodate drawers, which are additional storage spaces within the bed. While sleigh beds with inbuilt storage spaces might cost a bit more than those without, it is worth paying a few more pounds if space is a problem where you live. After all, when items are well stored, not only is the space issue solved, but the risk of having clothes and other delicate items ruined is minimized.

Check the Quality of Wood Used

While sleigh beds are ordinarily known to be built of high quality wood, it is good to personally ascertain that a pricey bed is made of strong and durable wood. This is important because while aesthetics is an enviable statement of class and style, durability of the bed is an essential determinant of the deal’s cost-effectiveness.

Take care not to be duped by unscrupulous vendors who might attempt to sell you beds of low quality wood at the price of mahogany-made sleigh beds or other high quality beds.

At the end of the day, what you want is the perfect bed! A sleigh bed with great functionality and great physical appeal, one with class and style, and one that is affordable fits the bill. And the best part is that such beds are now available in stores near you. All you need is to look up ‘sleigh beds’ on shop doors and walls, or even online; and you will, certainly, find a range of designs from which to make your pick.


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