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Grey Winged Fabric Bed with One Large Front Drawer
Grey Winged Fabric Bed with One Large Front Drawer

If you have heard the term “storage beds” and you are not sure what the style of this bed will be or whether it will be the best fit for you then this post will help as we explain exactly what this type of bed is.

We will walk you through what a storage bed is, and we will also let you know the pros and cons of a storage bed so you can make an easy are buying decision.

There are also different types of storage bed in terms of the materials that are used, and the general set up, we will walk you through some of these types and we will also let you know considerations before you choose to buy a bed that you can also use for storage.

What Is A Storage Bed?

Ultimately, this term refers to any style of bed that can also be used for storage. This is where it can become a little bit confusing, as the term puts an emphasis on storage you should also know that there are many different styles of bed that will also give you storage options. For instance, a “storage bed” could be speaking about an Ottoman bed which is where you will have a storage area underneath the mattress.

The term storage bed could also be speaking about a Divan bed that will give you drawers for storage normally on the side of the bed.

If you want to know more about an Ottoman bed vs a Divan bed, you can read our blog post here that will help.

The main thing to know when someone is referring to a storage bed it ultimately means a bed frame that has some storage built-in or some way of storing your items into drawers. The actual style that you get with a storage bed can differ as with the examples above with an Ottoman bed and a Divan bed. You will find that the styles are very different depending on your needs and the aesthetic that you want in the bedroom.

You can also find a wide range of storage beds that do not focus as much on style as practicality. You will normally find that these beds are built in a platform or a cabin style and will be more for practicality then style.

Another option for a storage bed is when you are using them in smaller spaces such as a children’s bedroom where you are trying to store items and eliminate clutter. These obviously do not need to be the most stylish choice and will normally give you a Wood style design with lots of functionality in terms of the storage options.

You can even find some storage beds that have built in USB charging ports, interchangeable headboards and even shelving and drawers that are customizable.

Should You Buy A Storage Bed?

The main thing that you will need to look at if you are thinking of buying a bed for storage is whether you are looking for something that you can also use as the main adult bed in the home. If this is the case, then you do want to make sure that you get a style that you like. As we had a look at above with the Ottoman bed and the divan bed there are lots of different styles and you can even go for something that is very elegant that will also give you storage options.

There is a big difference between a practical storage bed and something that is an Ottoman or a Divan.

Make sure you know what style options you are looking for before you make your decision.

The pros and cons of the good storage bed are:


Great for style and practicality. If you get the style and the bed frame choice right, then this can be a great way to get the storage that you need in the bedroom with the style that you want as well.

Eliminates clutter. If you go for a good storage bed you will also be able to eliminate on bins and shelving that can make a room look cluttered. It will also give you a very central area for all of your clothes and belongings and tidy up the room.

Great for space. If you are going for an Ottoman style storage bed, then you will find that you get a lot of space. The reason for this is that an Ottoman style bed will open up from the mattress and it will give you all of the storage space below which can make it a great choice to maximize storage.

Styles and designs. You should be able to find a storage bed in the style and the design that you want. You can find everything from an elegant Ottoman, a contemporary Divan and even a standard storage bed that you can use in the kids’ room that is based more on practicality. The main thing is to make sure that you get the style that you want and have the functionality second to the style if it is going to be your main bed.


There are not many downsides of a storage bed as they can be so versatile, but you may find that the price cost more than a standard bed. This of course depends on the style and the extra options that you are going for.

Other Considerations When Choosing A Storage bed?

Once you have decided that you are going to buy a bed that you can also use the storage, you have a good idea of the style that you want the final considerations are to make sure that you measure everything in your bedroom. As this will be a storage bed it is important to get all of the measurements correct so you know that you will get a bed that will fit your room and give you the practicality as well as the storage options that you require.

As we touched on above, some considerations to start with are as follows:

Ottoman Bed:

In our opinion this is a fantastic storage bed that will give you lots of storage space as it will open up the entire bottom of the bed as a storage area. You will also be able to customise this for great style and if you’re looking for something that will be a centrepiece for your bedroom and also give you all of the storage that you need this should be one of your first choices.

You can check out our full Ottoman bed range here at Hugo and Sons…

Divan Bed:

This style of bed will give you drawers that are normally positioned on either side of the bed at the bottom. While this will not normally give you as much room as an Ottoman bed it does give you more of a contemporary style and something that is great if you want a smaller storage area that is more compact.

This is well worth looking at especially if you are going to get a storage bed for a spare room and you want to try minimise on the space that you will take up.

Other Options:

The other options that you will have for a storage bed are literally created for this purpose. So instead of having a bed frame like an Ottoman or a Divan they have been created specifically as storage beds. You will find a lot of different designs and they normally have a wood style for this type. As this type of bed has been made specifically as a storage option it is normally popular for kid’s rooms.


We hope this is given you a good storage bed frame guide and explained that you can have the style that you want without having to compromise on storage. For a very short wrap-up – if you are going for as much style was possible for your master bedroom and you also want as much storage then go for an Ottoman bed. If you want to go for something more contemporary, then go for a Divan bed that will give you more of a traditional feel with the drawers on either side of the bed.

Have a look through our full range of beds here at Hugo and Sons and feel free to send us a message if you need help as we have a wide range of beds and knowledge to make sure that you get something that will meet your needs. Thanks for reading, best of luck with finding your new storage bed.


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