The Sleigh Bed With Ottoman Storage – The BEST Choice for Style & Storage

sleigh bed ottoman
sleigh bed ottoman

This guide will help you if you are thinking about buying a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage, you will learn what this kind of bed is about; the features it has and how helpful they are, and why the style of this bed type is the best for anyone wishing to buy a bed that is luxurious but also practical with storage.

Features of a Sleigh Bed with Ottoman Storage

To understand the essence of a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage, you need to understand the features of a sleigh bed itself, and also those of an Ottoman bed; then compare to see the impact the storage feature brings to this unique bed that is a popular choice.

First of all, the outward curving of a sleigh bed’s headboard and footboard is a major feature that makes the sleigh bed unique. The style of this bed enables efficient utilization of floor space, because the space available to lie on is longer than the length marked by the ‘feet’ of the bed. This advantage lends itself to the sleigh bed with Ottoman storage as well.

Something very appealing about the headboards and footboards sleigh beds have been that they are specially designed to make significant impact on the room’s aesthetics. This appeal is much more enhanced when it comes to sleigh beds with Ottoman storage as many of the designs have headboards that have been extravagantly and finely handcrafted.

Moreover, the same headboards come with deep upholstering, which not only makes them fantastic to lie on but also very appealing to the eye.

With regard to the Ottoman bed, it is the inbuilt storage feature that makes it unique. Storage space on the underbelly of the bed means you can have items held in a discreet location, where they will be out of sight of any prying eyes. Moreover, it enables you to keep your bedroom tidy without it being cramped with furniture – no need for wardrobes, for example. This is another of those advantages that pertains to the sleigh bed with Ottoman storage.

Then there are subtle features that get introduced to this ‘cross-breed’ of a bed, and they serve to bring more convenience and elegance to it. One of these features is a set of pistons that are weight-activated, which operate from the bed’s side rails. These ones make it easy to lift the bed, and so even if your sleigh bed is heavy, you are able to raise it with ease as often as you need to.

Another of these features is convenience of accessibility as far as the storage compartment is concerned. With these unique sleigh beds, you can access your stored items from the side of the footboard.

How to Ensure Maximum Benefit From a Sleigh Bed with Ottoman Storage

Obviously, the main thing to focus on is finding a bed type that combines the best features of different bed types; and that is the case with sleigh beds with the Ottoman storage. You get to enjoy all the benefits of having extra storage, and also the benefits that sleigh beds bring. Nevertheless, you need to choose well.

Find an Appealing Bed Frame

If the bed frame is magnificent in terms of its look and usability, it will contribute greatly to the value of the bed and the look of your bedroom. It is, therefore, important that you pay attention to the details of the bed frame before you commit to buying the bed, even when you are looking at a sleigh bed with ottoman storage.

It would not make sense to buy a bed with great storage unless that bed was also appealing to the eye. After all, you can only relax well in your bedroom if it makes you feel welcome; and what you see with your eyes influences how you feel.

Check the style of the bed frame to ensure it matches your taste. If you are a calm person with a conservative lifestyle, for example, you probably want the sleigh bed you choose to have a bed frame with smooth edges, even if the frame surface is artistically captivating. On the other hand, if you are a free spirit, you may wish the frame of your bed to be outstanding; probably with edges that are a bit rugged and surface art that is a little wild.

Remember as you identify the look of the bed frame, you will be indirectly influencing the general aesthetic of your bedroom. So, your taste and style should be a factor as you consider the type of bed frame your bed should have. And, of course, this goes in tandem with the aura you wish your bedroom to have.

Something else you cannot afford to ignore as far as choice of bed frames is concerned is the bed frame finishing. The frame colour and general finishing contribute significantly to the general look and aura of the room.

Fortunately, bed dealers who stock sleigh beds with ottoman storage usually ensure there is a range of bed frame colours for customers to choose from. The finishing of these frames is also varied. While some have side rails well contoured, others have legs that have been tapered.

As you evaluate these features, the idea is to maintain your taste and style even as you take advantage of the utility benefit associated with a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage.

Check for Versatility and Durability

Besides aesthetics and style, it is always good to ask yourself: what else can this bed do for me? Certainly, with the underbelly storage onboard, you are one step ahead of the pack with a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage. Yet that is not all.

The headboard introduces extra stability to the bed. This can be attributed not only to the good choice of wood sleighs are made of, but also to the headboard’s well calculated height. Some people tend to focus on the visual appeal of the bed frame, but when your focus is on a sleigh bed with Ottoman storage, you notice that the stability of the bed is enhanced by the frame’s design and height.

It is also important to consider that the stronger the bed frame the better its capacity to hold the right mattress in place.

Beds that are meant to have storage within them are normally given a very strong frame; meaning the wood used is carefully selected. This wood is meant to give the bed base capacity to withstand additional weight over and above that of the heavy-duty mattresses normally used.

It is also meant to make the overall bed frame so sturdy that there is no chance of it giving way if some random pressure were to be exerted.

As for versatility, sleigh beds with the Ottoman storage have it because of their inbuilt storage compartments underneath the mattress area. Such beds become even more versatile if they happen to have similar spaces within their headboards. Some sleigh bed makers actually add drawers to the headboards just to optimize management of the bedroom.

So, looking at the utility value attached to individual bed types and their respective degrees of versatility, sleigh beds with Ottoman storage by far exceed the average measure.

As usual, every shopper wants to have value for their money, and so you do not want to get home with a lovely bed only to realize your mattress does not fit. For this reason, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the different mattress sizes considered standard in the UK market. Then you can use this knowledge to identify the sleigh bed with the most appropriate bed frame as far as size is concerned.

Know the Standard Sizes of UK Mattresses

The smallest mattress size is the small single, whose dimensions are 75 cm by 190 cm. The next size is the single and its dimensions are 90 cm by 190 cm. Next is the small double size, whose dimensions are 120 cm by 190 cm. This is followed by the double, and this is 135 cm by 190 cm in dimensions. The next one is the king size, whose dimensions are 150 cm by 200 cm. The biggest standard size for UK mattresses is the super king, and its dimensions are 180 cm by 200 cm.

If you are shopping for a sleigh bed but are more used to the imperial units than the metric ones, you will benefit from the imperial equivalents provided here next. Beginning from the smallest to the biggest, the dimensions are 2ft 6in by 6ft 3in; 3ft by 6ft 3in; 4ft by 6ft 3in; 4ft 6inch by 6ft 3in; 5ft by 6ft 6in; and 6ft by 6ft 6in respectively.

Who Needs to Buy A Sleigh Bed with Ottoman Storage?

The best fit  for sleigh beds with Ottoman storage is anyone who cares about comfort and elegance. Everything about these beds is elegant; from the expensive durable hardwood or well-textured soft wood, to the fine exotic fabrics that capture customers’ imagination.

Sometimes the makers of these sleigh beds use mahogany, other times ebony; and there are other types of wood they use whose common denominator is sturdiness and fineness.

Also, the fabric used on these beds is of premium quality, while the colors and color patterns are of great appeal. In short, whether the sleigh bed you want to buy is for a child or an adult, it will serve as a positive statement regarding you as the bed user or homeowner. In fact, one thing you cannot fail to notice in a dealer’s store is the common use of premium varieties of velvet and chenille, and other fabrics known for their softness, comfort and appeal.

Sometimes customers are ready to spend their money to buy high quality appealing pieces of furniture, but the style they wish to have is elusive. Not so with sleigh beds with the Ottoman storage … You can expect to be spoilt for choice once you begin your search. Probably because of the increasingly high demand for these special beds, manufacturers have gone all out to avail the beds in a wide variety of designs, fabrics and colours.

Another feature that highlights the elegance of these special sleigh beds is the glides many of them have. These pieces that are basically the ‘feet’ of the bed conveniently play the role of castors. A feature like this that makes it possible to move heavy items with ease cannot be ignored. It underlines the buyer’s class, taste and sense of style.

In fact, the glides you see on sleigh beds with Ottoman storage are normally so smooth that you can drag them on the floor without the risk of ruining it; making them very prestigious.

There is also the gas-lifting bed frame; a special feature that helps to open the storage compartment with ease. Besides the sleigh bed with Ottoman storage and a few other luxurious brands, not many types of beds have this feature. Even if you were to ignore the other features that give you prestige, there is no way you can ignore the convenience this feature offers.

DIY Changes are Possible

In addition to all the good things noted about the sleigh bed with Ottoman storage, there is another feature that underlines the creative knack of its manufacturers. You can buy an independent headboard and give your bed a fresh look – how amazing!

It is good to keep in mind that even when the pieces of furniture you have are superb both aesthetically and functionally, there comes a time when you feel like you could do with some change.

Nicely upholstered headboards with velvety finishing are available for sale, and there are others whose finishing is just as soft and nice to the touch.

The type of sleigh bed discussed in this guide has room for you to change the headboard in a way that does not hurt your wallet. In fact, the process is an easy Do-It-Yourself task.

Even fabric can be changed. If you are the adventurous type, you could decide to buy a different material several years after you have acquired your sleigh bed with Ottoman storage, and then renew the headboard’s upholstery.

This is an interesting way of changing the aesthetics of your bedroom at minimal cost, while obtaining the style you prefer.

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